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Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt face Daughters of Khaine in Arena of Shades box

In GW's LVO Warhammer Preview stream, it revealed a new Age of Sigmar box set, Arena of Shades, adding new models for Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Arena of Shades battlebox release date - warhammer community photo showing all the daughters of khaine and nighthaunt models included

Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans weren’t left wanting by Games Workshop’s preview stream from the 2022 Las Vegas Open tournament. GW has unveiled a new two-army battlebox, titled Arena of Shades, that packs a new character miniature each for the Daughters of Khaine and Nighthaunt factions, as well as a brand new battlefield unit for the Nighthaunt: the Craven Throne Guard. We’ve no idea of a release date yet – but there is a suitably dramatic trailer you can watch below.

The Daughters of Khaine force is led by the new High Gladiatrix character – armed with a wicked curved knife and a very long, barbed whip. The ghostly Nighthaunt, meanwhile, come with the Scriptor Mortis – the subject of several GW teasers in late 2021 – a three-armed spectral scrivener, scribbling in a tome atop a bony lectern.

And, for the Nighthaunt, this boxset adds a new battlefield unit – the first ranged combat specialists in the army – in the form of the Craventhrone Guard:  ghostly turnkeys in iron skullcaps, lugging very non-ethereal crossbows around. These folks come with the option of a Spectral Standard Bearer, too.

We haven’t any clues as to the in-game stats or abilities for these new minis just yet, but we’d guess the Scriptor Mortis – bereft of weaponry, unless you count his extravagant quill – will provide back-field supporting buffs, while the High Gladiatrix will be all about whirling right into the thick of melee combat.

And, in the LVO stream, Warhammer Community head honcho Eddie Eccles hinted at Arena of Shades being the first chance to get hold of the new minis before a “larger release later on” – so it’s possible we can expect further new toys for Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine, or both, in the near term.

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As for the box’s overall contents – according to the Warhammer Community write-up, you’ll get:

  • Scriptor Mortis x 1
  • Craven Throne Guard x 4
  • Spectral Standard Bearer x 1
  • Bladegheist Revenants x 10
  • Spirit Torment x 1
  • Chainghasts x 2
  • Myrmourn Banshees x 4
  • High Gladiatrix x 1
  • Doomfire Warlocks x 5
  • Sisters of Slaughter x 10
  • Khinerai Heartrenders x 5

No idea who these folks are? Check out our guide to all the Age of Sigmar armies to get a primer.

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