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Someone kitbashed the Lumineth Realm-lords with Alice in Wonderland

The Cheshire Cat has never looked so good as when he's recruited into the Lumineth Realm-lords

Age of Sigmar Lumineth Realm-Lords Cheshire Cat model

Age of Sigmar’s Lumineth Realm-lords are a wacky bunch. Fighting alongside gigantic mountain-cow hybrids, and riding vicious kangaroos into battle, they might fancy themselves highbrow Aelves, but often come closer to fanciful fantasy nonsense. One Lumineth fan has taken that to the extreme, converting several of their models into characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Sharing their creation on Reddit, user Eukalyptussorbet recreated the most recognisable characters of the novel. Celennar has been converted to the Cheshire Cat, wearing a suitably wide, mischievous grin, and painted in the colours of Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland film. The Mad Hatter, meanwhile, has taken the place of the Realm-lords’ archmage leader Teclis, positioned as if walking across the table of his tea party.

The White Rabbit has been adapted from a Scinari Loreseeker, and even has a large pocket watch dangling by their leg, while Alice is styled as a Scinari Cathallar clutching a potion (we can’t confirm whether it will make her larger, or smaller).

Eukalyptussorbet also painted a unit of Vanari Auralan Wardens as the Queen of Hearts’ soldiers, with a heart-shaped emblem on their shields. Sure, they might not be literal playing cards as they’re described in the book, but a legion of high aelves charging towards you to ‘off your head’ would probably be a little more frightening.

Commenting on the post, Eukalyptussorbet said the unique model components, such as the Cheshire Cat’s face and the White Rabbit’s head, were all 3D printed, while the Mad Matter was converted using ‘green stuff’, Games Workshop’s brand of Kneadatite putty used as a model filler and sculpting material.

A Jabberwocky would complete the set. Maybe someone else can convert Archaeon the Everchosen and his mount Dorghar into an appropriately psychedelic beast.

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