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Darkest Dungeon fan turns Warhammer Nurgle mini into Swine Prince

Warhammer Age of Sigmar player Bryce finished converting the custom Swine Prince from a Nurgle Greater Daemon mini just in time for Halloween.

Swine Prince from Darkest Dungeon converted from a Nurgle Daemon - A grotesque, rotting, pig-faced beast in a crown, wielding a huge rusted cleaver

Using plenty of modelling putty and patience, hobbyist Bryce (no last name given) turned a Warhammer Nurgle greater daemon model into the Swine Prince, a boss from turn-based strategy game Darkest Dungeon. If this horrible beast looks at all familiar, that’s because Wargamer showed off some of Bryce’s early work back in September – and with the model finished just in time for Halloween, we thought we should update you.

If you’d like to know how and why Bryce converted a Nurgle Greater Daemon into the Swine Prince, check out our article from September 6. Bryce has plans to use the abomination in games of Age of Sigmar, but not in the Age of Sigmar army that you probably suspect.

When we last checked in on Bryce’s converted miniature, it was an appalling torso held up by intestinal tentacles. Bryce has since finished the build. He says the hardest part was “definitely the base”.

Bryce explains: “The sculpting was rather meticulous, I had to sculpt the base up to get the right pose I wanted, as well as making sure the model looked like it plausibly melded into the terrain. To get that gross organic texture across the base I used the superglue and PVA method, which took a few bottles of krazyglue to get layered on correctly.”

The painting process involved “a lot of back and forth between washing, glazing and highlights. The skin was done with Vallejo rosy flesh, a 1:1 mix of Reikland Fleshshade and Carroburg Crimson as a wash, and some Seraphim Sepia glazed around the exposed wounds. Exposed muscle was for the most part just Flesh Tearers contrast with gory red highlights, and the organs were a base of Pale Sand with an uncomfortable amount of Mortarion Grime wash. After that, everything was blacklined with heavily diluted Black Legion contrast paint.”

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If you fancy having your own Swine Prince miniature, but don’t have Bryce’s stomachs for lengthy conversions, there’s always the Darkest Dungeon board game. It’s a minis-packed dungeon crawler made by troubled company Mythic Games – the video by Gaminggeek, above, shows just what you’re getting in the base set. Check out our Darkest Dungeon baord game review to find out more about it – Wargamer’s Matt Bassil is still painting miniatures from the box, months after publishing the review.