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GW reveals new Age of Sigmar Skaven clanrats, yes-yes!

The scurrying Skaven man-rats are the title bad-guys for Age of Sigmar 4th edition, and their massed infantry just got a warpstone glow-up.

Age of Sigmar Skaven clanrat command - three ratmen, one with a bell, one with a banner, another in slightly less awful armor

Games Workshop has revealed updated models for the Age of Sigmar Skaven Clanrat unit, the first new minis in a range refresh for the long-established faction of Chaos-aligned ratmen. GW hasn’t provided a release date for the revised unit yet, but they’re sure to feature in the launch box set for Age of Sigmar 4th edition.

Clanrats form the furry backbone of any Age of Sigmar Skaven army, fighting in massed formations of miserable, mangy infantry. GW has so far revealed thirteen distinct figures, including eight wielding hand weapons and shields, two with very stubby spears, plus three command figures.

Age of Sigmar Skaven clanrats, new miniatures - ten ratmen in ragged clothes wielding rusted weapons

Games Workshop announced the retirement of the previous Clanrat kit – along with 82 other Age of Sigmar kits, including much of the Skaven range – on April 4. It’s fitting that the numberless Clanrats should be the first to re-emerge; you’re never more than ten feet from a rat, after all.

15 other Skaven kits have been retired, and it remains to be seen which will get replacement models, and what new horrors will join the Age of Sigmar army. We’ve already spotted new warplock jezzails in the Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer, plus a rat ogor, verminlord riding a giant rat-thing, and colossal gatling gun construction.

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Warhammer: The Old World players hoping to build an Old World Skaven army with these figures should be happy to note that they look like they should rank up okay. We’ll have to get our hands on the plastic to really test that, of course.

Just about everyone on team Wargamer is excited to get their paws on these new ratboys (with the possible exception of Matt Bassil, who is suffocating beneath a mountain of new Kroot). Check out our guide to the differences between rats and Skaven to understand just how fanatical about small furry cheese-botherers we really are.

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