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Warhammer reveals angelic new Stormcast Eternals

Having fought in the Age of Sigmar since the first ever starter set, the Stormcast Eternals Prosecutors get shiny new Thunderstrike armor.

New Stormcast Eternals models, warriors in fully-enclosed plate armor, wielding spears and shields, borne aloft by wings of metal and blue flame

Games Workshop has revealed yet more new Stormcast Eternals models for Age of Sigmar 4th edition. This time it’s a new kit for the Prosecutors, Stormcast Eternals borne aloft by “flickering flame-like wings”, wielding spears and javelins.

The first kit for the Prosecutors was released in the very first Age of Sigmar Starter Set. AoS first edition was set during the battles of the Realmgate Wars, when Stormcast Eternals surged forth from the Realm of the Heavens, Azyr, to conquer the Mortal Realms, and the Prosecutors were at the vanguard of the fight. Four editions later, they’re rocking a new model design and new lore.

According to the Warhammer Community post that reveals the models, the Prosecutors were “uniquely positioned” to be caught in the trap of the Cursed Skies that were created by the Chaos prince Be’lakor. This nasty spell captures and tortures the souls of Stormcast as they attempt to return to Azyr after death, and as a result the Prosecutors have suffered from “traumatic” reforgings more than most other Stormcast.

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It seems that all the Prosecutors are now part of the Ruination chamber, joining the Reclusians previewed two weeks ago. These Stormcast have become divorced from humanity by their experiences, but they’re “so hardened that even the Ruinous Powers can struggle to find purchase, and some of the most destructive energies in the Mortal Realms often have no effect on them”.

That has in-game effects. The article reveals a Once-Per-Turn ability that can be used by any Ruination Chamber unit in an army. When they’re targeted by an enemy non-Core ability, they can resist it on a roll of 4+.

Stormcast Eternals Prosecutors Heralds of Righteousness ability - an illustration of a pair of wings, and the text of a game ability

GW has also revealed a snippet of rules for the Prosecutors. As ‘Heralds of Righteousness’ they roll an extra D6 when charging into combat, to a maximum of 3D6. The wording on that ability suggests there will be other ways players can manipulate the number of dice rolled for charges.

Wargamer is keeping track of Age of Sigmar news as Age of Sigmar 4th edition approaches, and you can stay up to date by following us on Google News. It’s interesting to see how the Stormcast Eternals – the flagship Age of Sigmar army and the face of the brand – continues to evolve over time.