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New Stormcast Eternals bring their grandkids to the battlefield

The new Stormcast Eternals kit is the first model to be revealed from the mysterious Ruination Chamber, warriors whose humanity is slipping.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals model with CGI version above

Games Workshop has revealed a new batch of Stormcast Eternals demigods, and apparently these ones are so close to losing their humanity that they have to cart relatives around to keep them grounded and stop them wandering off mid battle. Those with relatives of a certain age will know how it is.

That doesn’t sound very badass, but you might change your mind once you’ve taken a good look at the new Stormcast Reclusian kits, which we expect to be in the Age of Sigmar 4th edition starter box. They’re pretty cool with their comet-tailed rune-blessed weapons and spiky collars. They also look even more like fantasy Space Marines than usual, with those doodads that might as well be purity seals.

We’re also a big fan of the Reclusians’ mortal attendants, the Memorians, who are apparently “often direct descendants of the Stormcast Eternals themselves”. Essentially they’re young’uns here to provide “an anchoring presence” and keep these immortal, powerful warriors in check. Does this mean Stormcast warriors can have kids?

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Previously “sequestered in quiet contemplation“ in the Ruination Chamber, these metal boys and girls have been pulled out of retirement for one last job. Namely, they’re here to squish some Age of Sigmar Skaven.

The Stormcast Reclusians appeared in the Age of Sigmar 4th edition cinematic trailer released last month. Indeed that trailer seemed to be from Reclusians’ perspective, showing the cycle of death and reincarnation they toil under.

In their fight against the Skaven, those Reclusians were joined by a new hero unit, one of their number with an even bigger collar and a Gryph Charger to carry them to the shops. So presumably that guy will be revealed soon. None of their grandkids showed up to the trailer battle though, bloody ingrates.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Reclusion models

It’s got to be said, for something living in a ‘Ruination Chamber’ these guys are a bit normal for our tastes, but the WarCom article does state that they are “the first warriors to emerge from its threshold”, so who knows, perhaps Lightning Geists are hot on their heels.

Expect to see even more Skaven and Stormcast in the coming weeks, like this revamp of the Stormcast Eternals Liberators, as we ramp up to the release of 4th edition.

It’s not clear exactly how many new Stormcast Eternal models will be in the new edition, but presumably it won’t be be enough to replace the 23 kits facing retirement, including the entire Sacrosanct Chamber. It seems Games Workshop is sweeping up the old to make room for the new, with 82 kits retired across a range of Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies.