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Age of Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals look sick in synthwave

Redditor WheezyMasta says a “synthwave paint scheme” was a no brainer for Stormcast, despite only painting Warhammer for “a little over a year”.

If you want a high-impact paint scheme for your next army, you’re a fan of lo-fi beats, or you just love pink and teal, check out this synthwave Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor. Created by redditor WheezyMasta, the paintjob requires little in the way of complex blending but lots of painstaking edge-highlighting.

WheezyMasta is new to Age of Sigmar and has only been painting miniatures for “a little over a year”. He started with the Dominion Age of Sigmar starter set, which he split “with a friend who convinced me to start playing”. Like many players, his first Age of Sigmar army was the Stormcast Eternals.

“I was doing white and gold armor with gore for a while at the beginning but felt the need to try new stuff not long after”, he says. “I was listening to synthwave music on YouTube at work… the background image was a cool looking synthwave woman all in purple and teal with a touch of yellow… I really love flashy colors so making a synthwave paint scheme was a no brainer”, he adds.

He describes painting the model as “simple but painful”. He “primed everything black and painted each edge with a tiny brush” using “pink from Vallejo model color and baharroth blue from Citadel paint”. He adds that “making smooth lines was the hardest part… I’m not an experienced painter so I struggle with brush control still. My brushes are pretty cheap as well”.

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Wheezy is satisfied with this mini, but says “I wouldn’t do it again on a model as detailed as this one”. He’s not sure if he’ll build a full force of synthwave Stormcast: “I have a unit of Annihilators already primed black that would look great in synthwave! But I started painting my new army, Blades of Khorne, the gameplay just speaks to me more than Stormcast”.

Need a brush with a good tip to give the synthwave style a go? We’ve got a guide to the best miniature paintbrushes – I use a size 0 Windsor & Newton No.7 and a size 2 Rosemary & Co. Series 33 for character models, and cheap synthetics for rank and rile. We can also recommend the best paints for miniatures if your collection is missing a pink or teal.