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Warhammer Armies Project lives on after alleged GW legal blow

After removing fan-made Warhammer army books from the internet, their creator gives new timeline for re-releasing them, minus infringing content.

Warhammer Armies Project lives - illustration by Games Workshop, a Tomb King chariot, skeletal horses pull a chariot containing skeletal archers to war

Warhammer Armies Project lives, according to its creator Mathias Eliasson. Writing in the fan game’s Discord community on Sunday, Eliasson says they should be able to release “rules-only” Warhammer army book PDFs at a rate of one every two weeks, after they delisted earlier versions that contained art and text from Games Workshop publications.

The first book will be for the Kislev faction. Eliasson states that the new PDFs will be “around 50 pages” for the larger Warhammer armies, “and will contain all units, stats, magic items, special characters and lores of magic”. They add that the main Warhammer Armies Project rulebook “will likely need to wait until I’ve gotten at least most of the armies out since that will take a lot longer”.

Eliasson hasn’t announced when the new release schedule will start. In a statement from June 28, Eliasson said they planned to wait until September, rumoured to be the Warhammer: The Old World release date; “I want to hold off until then so I don’t spend a ton of time needlessly redesigning everything only for the Old World to supersede it a few months later”.

Warhammer Armies Project (WAP) has provided an unofficial ninth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle since Games Workshop ended support for the game line in 2015 and replaced it with Age of Sigmar. The WAP blog has more information, and will eventually host the revised PDFs. This video battle report from Mountain Miniatures shows off some WAP gameplay:

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Eliasson stated on June 28 that Games Workshop had asked them to delist all WAP publications that contained material from GW publications, and shared a letter allegedly from GW’s legal department. Wargamer contacted GW for confirmation but has not received comment so far.

The launch of Warhammer: The Old World is hotly anticipated, but given that the last model revealed for the game was a single resin battle-standard bearer, and the newly-unveiled Legions Imperialis release date is confirmed for some time later this year, Wargamer is sceptical that The Old World will be available in 2024.

If you’re sick of waiting and want to play a Warhammer Fantasy game right now, check out our list of all the Total War: Warhammer III DLC to find which pack you need to play as your favorite army in the game’s incredible, Old World-spanning Immortal Empires mode.