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Every Warhammer Comic ever published

From Games Workshop's Warhammer Monthly to Marvel's Marneus Calgar, here's every comic ever published for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k.

Warhammer Comics - art from Marneus Calgar, a powerfully armored Space Marine in blue power armor slays hundreds of cultists

Over the decades there have been dozens of Warhammer comics set in both the grim dark future of Warhammer 40k, and the low-fantasy grit of the Warhammer Old World. Starting in the pages of Games Workshop’s Inferno Magazine in 1997, the property has moved through several publishers, creating a tangled history of different stories.

Fortunately, we’re here to sort them out for you. This is a complete history of every Warhammer comic, with information about all the collected trade paperbacks, plus the Warhammer armies and Warhammer 40k factions that feature in each comic.

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Here are all the Warhammer comics yet published:

Inferno Magazine

Games Workshop published the short-fiction anthology magazine Inferno! from 1997 to 2004. It hosted a small number of comics, almost all of which were self-contained, though some would be expanded into full series in the pages of Warhammer Monthly.

Obvious Tactics

Obvious Tactics was the only serial comic published in Inferno. Black Library later published the whole story in a collected volume under the Warhammer Monthly label. Written by David Pugh, Obvious Tactics stars a pair of Blood Angels and a Callidus Assassin stranded in a city overrun by the forces of Nurgle.

Warhammer Monthly

Games Workshop published the anthology comic Warhammer Monthly from 1998 to 2004, running to 86 issues. Many extremely popular comics from Warhammer Monthly have been collected into volumes by Black Library and reissued. Sadly those collected stories are currently out of print with Games Workshop, so you will need to search eBay to find them.

Warhammer Monthly was the origin of several characters who later received tabletop miniatures, including the Dark Elf Mallus Darkblade, Sister of Battle Ephrael Stern, and the Necromunda special characters Kal Jericho and The Redeemer. It’s also an early example of Dan Abnett writing an inconceivable quantity of stories for Warhammer all at once.


Author Dan Abnett
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Blood Angels, Orks, Chaos
  • Bloodquest
  • Bloodquest II: Into the Eye of Teror
  • Bloodquest III: The Daemon’s Mark
  • Collected in: The Eye of Terror Trilogy


Author Jim Campbell
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Sisters of Battle, Chaos
  • Daemonifuge the Screaming Cage
  • Daemonifuge two: the Lord of Damnation
  • Daemonifuge three: the Thrice-Born
  • Collected in: Daemonifuge 20th anniversary edition


Author Dan Abnett
Setting Warhammer fantasy
Main faction Dark Elves, Chaos
  • Darkblade
  • Darkblade Two: World of Blood
  • Darkblade Three: Throne of Blood


Author Jim Alexander
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Deathwatch

Deff Skwadron

Author Gordon Rennie
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Orks

Collected short stories

Author Various
Setting Various
Main faction Various
  • Eternal Damnation – 12 comics
  • Eternal War – seven comics
  • Collected in: Flames of Damnation with nine extra comics, in a smaller format

Inquisitor Ascendant

Author Dan Abnett
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Inquisition
  • Inquisitor Ascendant
  • Inquisitor Ascendant Volume 2 – The Hunt for Defay

Kal Jerico

Author Gordon Rennie
Setting Necromunda
Main faction Bounty hunters
  • Kal Jerico
  • Kal Jerico volume 2: Contracts and Agendas
  • Collected in: Kal Jerico – Underhive Bounty Hunter, in a smaller meeting

Lone Wolves

Author Dan Abnett
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Space Wolves, Astra Militarum


Author Dan Abnett
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Warhammer Titans
  • Titan
  • Titan II: Vivaporius
  • Titan III: Cold Steel
  • Collected in: Titan God Machine

The Redeemer

Author Pat Mills, Debbie Gallagher, 8-page bonus strip by Andy Jones
Setting Necromunda
Main faction The Redemption

Ulli & Marquand

Author Gordon Rennie
Setting Mordheim
Main faction Mercenaries

Boom! Studios Warhammer 40k comics

After Games Workshop stopped producing Warhammer monthly, American publisher Boom! Studios acquired the license. Between 2006 and 2009 Boom! Studios produced eight limited run series set in the Warhammer 40k and Warhammer fantasy universes, plus a one-off Blood Bowl graphic novel.

Damnation Crusade

Author Dan Abnett
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Black Templars

Blood and Thunder

Author Dan Abnett
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Orks


Author Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Inquisition

Fire and Honour

Author Graham McCNeill
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Astra Militarum, T’au Empire

Defenders of Ultramar

Author Graham McNeill
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Ultramarines

Forge of War

Author Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton
Setting Warhammer fantasy
Main faction Empire and Chaos

Condemned by Fire

Author Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton
Setting Warhammer fantasy
Main faction Empire and Chaos

Crown of Destruction

Author Kieron Gillen
Setting Warhammer fantasy
Main faction Empire and Skaven

Killer Contract

Author Matt Forbeck
Setting Blood Bowl
Main faction N/A

The Ultramarines movie comic

The special edition DVD for the 2010 animated Ultramarines movie featured a 32 page prequel comic, written by Dan Abnett, called “‘Hard Choices ‘What happened on Algol?’”.

Ultramarines is totally unavailable in any digital format – rumor has it that Games Workshop is so embarrassed by the legendarily bad film that it would rather pretend it doesn’t exist. Equally, licensing snafus may be at play. Don’t expect this to receive a reissue.

Black Library graphic novels

While Black Library has published many collections of comics that first appeared in Warhammer monthly, and also distributes comics published by Titan Comics, it has only published a single totally original graphic novel: Macragge’s Honour.

Macragge’s Honour

Author Dan Abnett, Neil Roberts
Setting Horus Heresy
Main faction Ultramarines, Word Bearers

Set during the Horus Heresy after the Ultramarine-controlled world of Calth is devastated by the treachery of the Word Bearers, the crew of the warship Macragge’s Honour pursue the arch-heretic Kor Phaeron into the warp.

Titan Comics Warhammer 40k titles

Between 2016 and 2018 Titan Comics held the licence to produce Warhammer 40k comics. The main series was simply called “Warhammer 40,000”, and ran to fill two trade paperback volumes.

Warhammer 40,000 comic

Author George Mann
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Dark Angels, Inquisition
  • Warhammer 40,000 – Will of Iron
  • Warhammer 40,000 – Revelations

Dawn of War III – The Hunt for Gabriel Angelos

Author Ryan O’Sullivan
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Blood Angels, Orks


Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Blood Angels, Orks

Marvel Warhammer 40k Comics

As of 2020, Marvel has held the license to publish Warhammer 40,000 comics. So far there have been two, self-contained short-run series.

Marneus Calgar

Author Kieron Gillen
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Ultramarines, Chaos

Sisters of Battle

Author Torunn GrØnbekk
Setting Warhammer 40k
Main faction Sisters of Battle

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