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You could win one of 4 custom Age of Sigmar Xbox controllers

GW is giving away Age of Sigmar faction-themed Xbox controllers to Warhammer+ members, marking the release of its RTS game, Realms of Ruin.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Xbox controllers - Games Workshop image of the four custom controllers, overlaid on a Realms of Ruin screenshot showing a Kruleboyz orruk

The inexorable tide of new Warhammer merch continues, as Games Workshop announces it’s created four limited edition Age of Sigmar Xbox controllers to celebrate the impending release of new strategy videogame Realms of Ruin.

To have a chance of winning one, you’ve got to sign up to its Warhammer+ subscription service by November 30 as well as follow the game’s official Twitter account, @RealmsofRuin. Do both of those things, and you’ll be automatically entered in the prize draw.

Announced via GW’s Warhammer Community site on Wednesday, the four (apparently one-time limited edition) Xbox Series X/S controllers are themed after the four playable Age of Sigmar armies in Realms of Ruin:

It’s not clear who Warhammer’s partnered with to create these Age of Sigmar controllers, or exactly what level of quality winners can expect from the pad. From the promotional images, it looks as though the Stormcast one has spiffy blue and gold buttons, while the other three are plain black, with the custom designs presumably applied via a vinyl skin.

Alongside the custom Xbox pad, the four winners will each get a “Realms of Ruin t-shirt, poster, and notebook”, GW says.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Xbox controllers - Games Workshop graphic showing the four custom controllers in the giveaway, as well as the Realms of Ruin logo

And, aiming to lure as many new subs as possible to their pay-monthly platform, GW says all Warhammer+ subscribers who’re on their books by November 30 will get a handful of cosmetic goodies for the new Mortal Realms RTS game, including:

  • a player portrait
  • a player portrait frame
  • a player banner

With the Realms of Ruin release date of Friday, November 17 fast approaching, Wargamer has been excitedly tracking its progress; our own staff writer Tim Linward got a hands-on preview in October and has since been raving about Tzeentch’s all-conquering ‘nuke’ of an ultimate ability, Infernal Gateway.

He was also impressed with the rather feature-rich Realms of Ruin map editor, although final impressions will have to wait for our full review next week – so don’t miss that!

All eyes are on developer Frontier and publisher Focus Home Interactive to prove that this fantasy melding of Company of Heroes and Dawn of War 2 can cut the mustard to become one of the best Warhammer fantasy games.

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In other Games Workshop news, the next Warhammer Preview stream is coming up next week, promising news for seven game systems, including Warhammer The Old World, Necromunda, the 40k tactical skirmish game Kill Team, and more.

While it seems clear Age of Sigmar fans will be getting new Flesh-eater Courts, it’s tricky to guess which Warhammer 40k factions are up for new models – we’ll have all the latest news for you on Friday night, November 17.

And many fans are still up in arms about the new Warhammer webstore, with GW going so far as to write a whole FAQ post about why its multi-million-dollar ecommerce platform looks and functions the way it does. Our own Tim Linward says don’t worry about it, though.