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Next week’s hour-long Warhammer preview has news for 7 games

Games Workshop will run an hour-long Warhammer preview stream on November 17, with news on Warhammer 40k, AoS, The Old World, and more.

Warhammer Preview Stream news - Games Workshop trailer screenshot for the Warhammer World Championships Warhammer Preview stream on Friday, November 17, 2023, showing Eddie Eccles announcing the stream

The next big Warhammer Preview live stream is set for next Friday, November 17, and will last a full hour, covering five extra games outside the ‘big two’, Games Workshop has announced.

Revealed via GW’s Warhammer Community site on Tuesday – and by Warhammer TV’s Eddie Eccles in a video you can watch below – the next Warhammer Preview stream will broadcast on the Warhammer TV Twitch channel, starting at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on Friday, November 17 (3am Saturday morning UK time).

The livestream comes in the middle of two big in-person events taking place simultaneously that weekend in Atlanta, Georgia: the World Championships of Warhammer tournament, and the Warhammer 40k Grand Narrative (a narrative play event GW says will “shape the future of Warhammer 40,000 lore itself”).

GW says the stream will deliver new reveals for seven of its game systems, including:

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There’s only one thing we can be almost certain is coming up in this preview, and that’s something new for the Flesh-Eater Courts Age of Sigmar army. GW posted a distinctly gruesome, ghoul-flavored teaser video for that on Halloween, before revealing the new Abhorrent Gorewarden character model on Monday.

We don’t know exactly what scale of reveal to expect but, in the past, reveals getting this level of pre-announcement fanfare, and single character models being shown off ahead of time, tends to herald a sizeable release, possibly a box set.

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Beyond that, Tuesday’s WarCom announcement offers few reliable portents as to what might be revealed next Friday.

We’re excited to see what morsels of Old World knowledge we get next, with GW now ratcheting up the pace of its reveals about the Warhammer The Old World rules. We know it’s coming in “early 2024”, but can news of a launch box and release date really be too far away?

Warhammer Preview Stream news - Games Workshop info graphic for the Warhammer World Championships Warhammer Preview stream on Friday, November 17, 2023, showing the broadcast times

On the grim, dark future side of things, we’d expect the Warhammer 40k reveal to be somehow linked to the ongoing story developments being generated through the Grand Narrative event, the story of which involves warbands from more or less every Warhammer 40k faction being mysteriously drawn to a single battleground, the hidden planet of Occultaris.

Naturally, Wargamer will keep you updated on the key points from all these reveals on the day, along with our own analysis and insights.

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