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GW previews titan rules for Warhammer Legions Imperialis

Warhammer Titans stride forth from the wargame Adeptus Titanicus to tower over tanks and Space Marines in its little brother Legions Imperialis.

Warhammer Legions Imperialis titan rules - a Warlord Battle titan, a huge bipedal warmachine, in the sea grey and white livery of Legio Krytos

Games Workshop has revealed titan rules for Warhammer Legions Imperialis, showing how the largest warmachines in the Imperium of Man work in the upcoming game of huge armies and tiny figures. A Warhammer Community post on Monday reveals the unit stats for both Warlord Titans and Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans, as well as rules for protective void shields.

Titans are the deadliest war machines fielded by any of the Warhammer 40k factions, and Legions Imperialis will allow you to mix them in with your armies of Space Marines and Solar Auxilia. Games Workshop stated in a previous article that 70% of your army will need to Space Marines or Solar Auxilia, so Warhammer titans will be few in number, but it looks like they’ll have a massive impact.

Warhammer Legions Imperialis Warlord Battle Titan rules

The Warlord Battle Titan weighs in at 600 points, meaning you can field a single such war machine in a 2,000 point game of Legions Imperialis, while the Dire Wolf is a relatively svelte 385 points. We’ll reserve judgment on whether they’re worth those points until we’ve seen the complete Legions Imperialis rules, but the numbers on the cards are very big compared to other units revealed for the game.

The datasheets revealed in the article have rules for every one of the enormous weapons already produced by Games Workshop and Forgeworld. That suggests the whole range of Titan figures and upgrades that Games Workshop already produces for Adeptus Titanicus will make the leap to Legions Imperialis at launch.

Warhammer Legions Imperialis Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan rules

The article also explains how titan void shields will work in the new wargame. Each titan will start the battle with a number of active void shields: two for a Dire Wolf Scout Titan, six for a Warlord Battle Titan. While the void shields are active, any hits from a weapon without an armour penetration value, or with the ‘Light Anti-Tank’ trait, are ignored.

Hits from weapons with an AP of -1 or better, or with the ‘Shieldbane’ trait, reduce the titan’s void shield level by one instead of doing damage. The titan is only at risk of taking wounds when its void shields hit zero.

Both titans revealed so far have 2+ armor saves, so they’ll hardly be defenceless even once their shields are stripped. Titans can even regenerate void shields during the end step of the turn: you’ll roll D6 for each collapsed void shield, regenerating it on a 4+.

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While the Legions Imperialis release date has been delayed by Games Workshop, there’s still plenty you can do to get ready – how about building a titan or two? You can also check out our guide to Legions Imperialis terrain to get your battlefield ready, which covers the official Games Workshop range, and some recommendations of alternatives to consider.