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Win every Warhammer paint, brush, and tool in GW competition

Games Workshop is giving away a stack of official Warhammer model-making loot big enough to make Slaanesh, Dark Prince of Excess, blush.

Several bright and colorful Warhammer paint pots

Games Workshop has just launched a massive competition that gives fans the chance to win one of every Warhammer paint, brush, and hobby tool that Citadel currently makes. All you have to do to enter the prize draw is be subscribed to the Warhammer+ service by the end of March.

Only those aged 18 or over are eligible for the competition. Spraypaints and hobby knives are excluded from the giveaway, which we have assume is to minimise the risk of GW accidentally posting a bunch of blades and solvents to an under-18 year old with a Warhammer+ subscription.

Closeup shot of someone's hand as they use Warhammer painting accessories

Even with those omissions, the winner will get a heck of a lot of paint for miniatures; 61 Contrast paints, 57 base paints, 93 layer paints, 24 dry paints, 19 shades, 47 air paints for the airbrush owners in the audience, and 21 technical paints.

While checking those numbers on the GW webstore, we were surprised to learn that the firm sells 27 different styles of miniature paintbrushes – which will also come in this bumper prize pool.

The tools selection includes the ever dependable Citadel Water Pot, the humorous Mk 2 Painting Handle, the dubious Mouldline Remover, among others. There are also four figure carry cases of varying capacity to store your precious armies in.

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You can find the contests of the prizes in the competition terms and conditions. Five prizes are available, two in the US, one in Australia, and two in the UK and the rest of the world. The prize draw will take place on April 1.

While all Warhammer+ subscribers will be entered automatically, the competition terms and conditions provide an alternate entry method, meaning no purchase is necessary.

Simply email “[email protected], with the subject line ‘Warhammer+ Competition’ and including your full name and location (state/region and country) in the main body of your email”. Extra steps may be required depending on your territory, so make sure you check those terms and conditions.

Should you be lucky enough to win all those premium painting gubbins, check out our guide to how to paint miniatures for some tips on getting the most from it all.