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Warhammer Plus: GW vows “more regular and robust line-up” as The Exodite is delayed

Games Workshop has delayed episode two of Warhammer 40k Tau series The Exodite at the last minute, promising improvements to Warhammer Plus

Warhammer Plus the exodite delayed - Warhammer Community screenshot showing Tau Shas-Vre Lakoma

Games Workshop has delayed the second episode of The Exodite – a new Warhammer 40k Tau-focused animated show on the Warhammer Plus subscription service – at the last minute, citing “circumstances beyond our control”. It’s also promised more programming on the service overall, in response to fans’ feedback.

Announced in a Warhammer Community article published on Wednesday afternoon (the day episode two of The Exodite was due to be released, as part of Warhammer Plus’ weekly content drop), GW says the episode – titled ‘Inferno’ – has been delayed “for a few days”, and it will “let you know as soon as it’s ready”.

Apparently to soften the blow of suddenly delaying Warhammer Plus’ only currently running animated series, GW also says in the article that it’s “been listening to all of [fans’] feedback” and, in response, is “taking steps to increase our Warhammer TV content across the board”. “You want more shows, releasing regularly, and to know what’s coming further in advance”, the firm acknowledges in the article, promising that “it won’t be long before you’ll begin to see the pace pick up”.

GW gives no specific dates by which we can expect any changes, either – but it has set out some aims. It says Warhammer Plus will soon offer “a new animation episode every other week, with no big breaks between shows”. It’s also committed to “gradually increasing episode lengths” (though it’s not clear to which series this will apply), and says it’ll be “ramping up” its non-animated, in-house TV shows, like Battle Report and Citadel Colour Masterclass, to each releasing weekly episodes. There’s no indication of the timescale for that, though.

Interestingly, GW also says it’s already looking at expanding Warhammer Plus’ range of shows further, and hints in Wednesday’s article it’ll soon be “looking for your thoughts” on what programmes to make.

Warhammer Plus The Exodite delayed - Warhammer Plus graphic showing upcoming animation episodes

Warhammer Plus currently has only three new animation episodes slated for release in March and April (though it says there are “more that we can’t talk about just yet”) – ‘The Exodite Episode Two: Inferno’; ‘Hammer and Bolter Episode Ten: Plague Song’; and ‘Rock Bottom’ – the debut episode of noir-styled series Interrogator.

Warhammer Plus The Exodite delayed - Warhammer Plus graphic showing the new content coming to the platform March 2

This week’s Warhammer Plus content drop – while bereft of The Exodite – brings to the platform a new episode of painting tutorial show Citadel Colour Masterclass focusing on painting leather textures, and new publications added to the Warhammer Vault – including lore tome Warhammer The End Times: Archaon, and issue 470 of White Dwarf magazine, first published in November 2021.

The Exodite, whose first episode premiered on Warhammer Plus in February, features a team of T’au Empire Stealth Battlesuits, led by our protagonist, newly promoted Shas-Vre Lako’ma.

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