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New multipart minis make perfect Warhammer The Old World Orcs

The Legendary Orc Warriors Kickstarter by Avatars of War is crowd-funding a unit of multipart sio-cast miniatures that look great for Warhammer.

Warhammer The Old World Orcs - multipart models by Avatars of War, a band of Orcs in crude armor wielding huge cleaver-bladed weapons

If you’re a greenskin fan who can’t wait for official Warhammer The Old World Orc models to release, check out the Legendary Orc Warriors Regiment Kickstarter by Avatars of War. The firm is raising funds to make molds for physical copies of its multipart Orc models, currently only available as digital sculpts.

Sculpted by Felix Paniagua, these models have a chunky and brutal style reminiscent of the Bryan Nelson Orcs that should be familiar to long-time Warhammer the Old World fans.

Warhammer the Old World Orcs - examples of three units of multipart Avatars of War Orc models in scrappy armor, variously wielding sword and shield, two hand weapons, and spear and shield

A basic pledge for eight multipart models costs $33 (€30), and comes with options to equip the Orcs with hand weapons and shields, twin hand weapons, or spears and shields, plus parts for command models. The Kickstarter is open until 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT on January 16.

The models are already available as digital sculpts, so if you have a 3D printer at home you can go straight to the Avatars of War digital store and start printing your own. Here’s a video by YouTuber Obscurities in Miniature showing off some of the range:

YouTube Thumbnail

The crowd-funded minis will be produced using Sio-Cast thermoplastic, a form of resin casting that has lower tooling costs than hard plastic, but is better suited for producing minis in high volumes than traditional resin. Sio-Cast is very durable, and can even be painted without using a primer.

Orcs are confirmed as one of the first wave of Warhammer The Old World factions, so anyone with a collection of classic minis will be able to dust them off and get straight back in. However Games Workshop has yet to reveal which classic Orc kits it will bring back into production, or which new ones we might see.

Warhammer the Old World Orcs - side by side comparison of a 3d sculpt of an Orc model, and physical, painted Orc model

If you’re looking to build a horde of Orcs before the official minis release, several manufacturers offer plastic models. Mantic Games’ Kings of War is a great miniature wargame in its own right and has two distinct Orc ranges, Shield Wolf miniatures has a range of Savage Orcs, and there are smaller, Lord-of-the-Rings style Orcs available from both Warlord Games and Northstar Miniatures.

And of course there are plenty of Age of Sigmar Orruks that will be compatible, particularly the updated Orruk Ardboys.