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YouTuber memorises Warhammer Tomb King’s 6 minute long name

Settra the Imperishable is the high ruler of the Tomb Kings Warhammer race, and over 5,000 years he’s accumulated bucketloads of titles.

Just how long does it take to recite all the titles of Settra the Imperishable, supreme ruler of the Warhammer Tomb Kings faction? YouTuber and member of the Toastmasters International public speaking club Ali Safarli managed the feat blindfolded in spot on six minutes, as his latest video reveals.

Settra the Imperishable is an egotistical mummified Pharaoh who will be familiar to fans of Warhammer: The Old World and Total War: Warhammer II. Settra ruled the mighty empire of Nehekhara 2,500 years before the Empire of Man was founded – and in the “present day” of the Warhammer setting, he continues that reign at the head of the Tomb Kings Warhammer: The Old World faction. He’s acquired more than a few titles during his reign, as Safarli’s video shows:

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Safarli says the the recording comes from a live performance at a Toastmasters International public speaking club: “Screwing up was not an option”.

He’s a massive fan of Khemri: “ever since I was a little kid I had a fascination with ancient Egypt, its culture, mummies… I love Settra and Nagash because both of these characters are egomaniacal a-holes who can back up everything they claim to be”.

Safarli describes the process of memorising the title: “first I divided the entire list of Settra’s titles into smaller bite-sized chunks so as not to get overwhelmed”. He made memorizing and reciting the list “an active daily habit”, hanging copies of the list up at work and at home to give him constant reminders. “I would make sure to memorize a new title every half hour or so… my goal was to memorize a section a day”.

Warhammer Tomb Kings faction - Settra the Imperishable, an undead mummy lord, riding in a lazulite-plated chariot pulled by four skeletal steeds

If you have a speech you want to memorize, Safarli suggests “you have to become obsessed with it and curate the discipline to practice it every single day”. He adds that “you need to have a reasonable deadline and someone to keep you accountable… we always run faster and father when a bear is chasing us”.

If you fancy fielding Settra the Imperishable on the tabletop, Wargamer is keeping track of news about the Warhammer: The Old World release date, which should see a new or rereleased model for the mightiest of Tomb Kings. Games Workshop has promised massive news about the Old World at the Warhammer day preview 2023, and we’re eager to find out what that is! We’ve also got information about the Total War: Warhammer III DLC you will need if you want to play as the Tomb Kings.