Ex-Warhammer TV presenter Peachy launches own YouTube channel

The former Games Workshop presenter has ditched his role as co-host on The Painting Phase to launch his own miniature painting channel.

Ex-Warhammer TV presenter Chris 'Peachy' Peach, a bald white man with a short beard, wearing a grey sweater

Former Warhammer TV presenter Chris ‘Peachy’ Peach has quit his role co-hosting The Painting Phase to set up his own YouTube channel, ‘Peachy Tips’. The new channel will focus on “army painting” and “quick fire painting hacks”.

Peachy was one of the first Warhammer TV presenters, who – alongside Duncan Rhodes and Louise Sugden – produced the Citadel Colour Masterclass videos, teaching people advanced tips and tricks for painting miniatures. He left GW in September 2022, joining YouTube channel The Painting Phase.

Peachy announced his departure from The Painting Phase in a Tweet on Wednesday. “I relished the chance to do something I love with a friend”, he states. He explains that he has left because “despite my dedication, contributions and loyalty, it would never evolve into something that I would be considered to be an equal partner in”. Nevertheless, he wishes the channel well, and states “it is not a choice I have made lightly”.

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The first Peachy Tips videos will launch in March. We believe him when he says the channel will focus on “army painting”: among the many roles Peachy held in Games Workshop was as the manager of the army painting team within the Games Workshop studio. This group is responsible for painting huge numbers of Warhammer 40k and Warhammer models at incredible speed to bulk out armies for photographs.

At The Painting Phase, Peachy made a range of painting videos, and also led an excellent series interviewing former GW employees and colleagues, shedding light on the inner workings of an often secretive company. No word yet on whether that series will continue at Peachy Tips or The Painting Phase.

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