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World of Warships’ latest update makes your Battleships look like Roman soldiers

Unlock six new Italian Battleships and Roman camouflages to deck them out

A pair of battleships side by side in World of Warships Italian battleships update piercing the water

World of Warships is getting six new Italian Battleships in its latest update, together with a bucket of changes to several game modes. Landing on February 18, the new Tier IV–IX Battleships will be available to play in early access across live servers, launching alongside a new season of Ranked Battles and tweaks to Brawls.

Boasting semi-armour-piercing shells and reasonably high manoeuvrability, balanced by limited cannon range and low accuracy, Wargaming says the new Italian Battleships are well-suited to taking on weakly protected targets. They can also deploy the Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable to nip out of the fray when things get a little too hairy.

To get your hands on the battleships, you’ll first have to earn enough of the newly-introduced Italian Tokens, by completing chains of combat missions. Progressing through the missions will earn you enough tokens to obtain some of the new ships – including the Tier IV Dante Alighieri, Tier V Conte di Cavour, and tier VI Andrea Doria – with the tier VII Franceso Caracciolo your final reward. But to grab the biggest of them, the tier IX Lepanto, you’ll have to spend some doubloons on random bundles.

Complete enough combat missions and you’ll also earn yourself the stylish Roman permanent camouflage, complete with golden eagles, legionary shields adorning the hull of your vessel, a legion standard sticking up from its deck, and a giant, red Galea-style feathered helmet-plume standing proud amidships.

A fleet of battleships from World of Warships Italian Battleships update moving foward with a huge golden eagle in the sky behind them

Wargaming has also announced the new Battleships will come alongside the second season of Ranked Battles. Taking on a different format than the first season, it will last twice as long, and increase the number of available Bronze and Silver Leagues to ten – from last season’s seven. The number of Stars required to qualify has increased, but expect to earn steel, doubloons, camouflages and more once you enter.

Brawls are also seeing a rework, and will now be labelled a separate battle type. They’ll feature smaller-team formats, and can now be played either solo, or as part of a division.

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