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3000 people can win a version of fabled $2 million Yugioh card

As part of the game's 25th anniversary celebration, fans will get the chance to win a new version of a Yugioh card thought to have sold for $2 million.

Yugioh card - Black Luster Soldier normal monster card

The Yugioh TCG is releasing a special version of the ultimate rare Yugioh card as part of its 25th anniversary celebration. In 1999, a unique normal monster version of Black Luster Soldier was given out as a tournament prize card. Printed on stainless steel, this one of a kind card is rumoured to have sold for around $2 million, which would make it the most expensive Yugioh card. Now paper copies of that card will be given out to 3000 lucky Yugioh fans.

These Black Luster Soldier cards will be awarded via lottery. From June 10, those who spend $21.46 on Yugioh products in participating stores will get a scratch card, revealing a serial code that may be prize-winning. Unfortunately for most of us in the English-speaking world, this promo is exclusive to Japan.

Bizarrely, while this Black Luster Soldier Yugioh card is a normal monster instead of a ritual monster (like the more common kind), and therefore functions differently, for deck legality purposes it’s treated as a card with the same name, and counts towards the three-card limit. That’s unlikely to matter, in all honesty, since while it has an iconic status, Black Luster Soldier isn’t exactly a mainstay in the best Yugioh decks.

Yugioh card - Black Luster Soldier normal monster card

Yugioh turned 25 this year, and this card has been created as part of its 25th anniversary celebration. If you’re not in Japan and wondering what’s available to you as part of the birthday festivities, check out the Legendary Collection, full of Yugioh’s most famous monsters.

That box has certainly gone down better than Magic: The Gathering’s 30th anniversary, whose $999 proxies raised ire among the fanbase, and inspired one Swedish store to beat Wizards of the Coast at their own game.