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The best board game deals 2021

Our guide to the best board game deals, with discounts on Gloomhaven, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and more

Best board game deals - photo of a family playing the Ticket to Ride board game

Modern board games are a nigh-inexhaustible library of tactile, satisfying, brain-teasing, and sociable fun, that’ll fill any amount of time you like (and become an addictive hobby, so be warned). But it’s gotta be said: investing in the best board games around is rarely a cost-effective business; these beautiful boxed bonanzas can cost some serious cash. Luckily, Wargamer has scouted out the very best board game deals in 2021, so you can scoop the best board games at bargain prices.

Naturally, the very deepest discounts come at particular times of the year, such as Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, and never fear; we’ll have those covered with special, timely guides to those all-important timed offers.

But, frankly, not everyone can wait months and months to add that shiny new title to their collection – so we’re going to keep this guide updated all year round with the best board game deals we can find. We’re casting our genre net wide, too, looking for the best deals on 2-player board games, eurogames, strategy board games, family board games, and more besides.

Without further ado, then, here are the best board game deals we’ve sniffed out (oh, and don’t worry, we’ll be adding more).

Best board game deals - Amazon sales photo showing the board and tiles for the Azul board game


When it comes to beautiful, accessible, and strategically deep head-to-head 2-player board games, it gets little better than Azul. A lively game of drafting tile pieces and forming the best patterns, it’s deliciously competitive, but still conducive to a chill time – and you can pick it up at a 24% discount right now:

Azul board game Azul board game Azul board game Amazon $39.99 $30.50 Buy it now

Best board game deals - Photo of Gloomhaven map, cards, minis, and tokens


Gloomhaven is a unique beast, a landmark adventure board game that’s won so many prestigious tabletop games awards it can barely fit them all on its box (despite its box being the size of a small elephant). A wondrous treasure chest of fantasy delights, clever storytelling, and devilishly challenging gameplay, Gloomhaven is  a must-own for board game lovers.

And, happily, you can own it now at a tasty 23% discount!

Gloomhaven Gloomhaven Gloomhaven Amazon $139.99 $107.99 Buy it now

Best board game deals - photo of hand moving pieces in a game of Carcassonne board game


There’s something of a ‘royal court’ of brightly coloured, ingenious ‘euro’ style board games, which, between them, kickstarted the meteoric expansion in tabletop gaming we enjoy today – and Carcassonne is most certainly in it. Easy to learn, nigh impossible to master, and blessed with nearly as many expansions as France has vineyards, Carcassonne is essential gaming.

You can scoop up a copy right now with 33% discount, too, so no excuses!

Carcassonne Carcassonne Carcassonne Amazon $39.99 $26.99 Buy it now

Best board game deals - Photo of Ticket to Ride board and trains

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride might be the all-time best family board game – it’s competitive, strategic, and engaging for adults, while still being accessible, colourful, and energetic enough for kids to both get involved, and stay interested.

If you haven’t got on the train yet, you can buy your ticket right the hell now – with a handy 20% discount, no less.

Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride Amazon $54.99 $43.97 Buy it now