The best Harry Potter Funko Pops

From Dobby to Dumbledore, these are the best Harry Potter Funko pops in all the wizarding world

A Harry Potter Funko Pop on Wargamer's hexagonal blue background

Few fantasy franchises loom larger than Harry Potter, the wizard school series that continues to capture the imagination of fans more than a decade after the books came to close. What better way to capture your own piece of the magic than with some of the best Harry Potter Funko Pops?

Ubiquitous, instantly recognisable, and often charming, Funko Pops are the ideal collector’s item. They’re the perfect shelf ornament, bookend, or paperweight for a Harry Potter obsessive looking to let their fan flag fly. We’ve heard they even ward off Dementors. We’ve never seen one, anyhow, and we assume it’s the work of these little plastic statues.

We’ve done our own collecting to find the most iconic, cutest, and all around best Harry Potter Funko Pops on the market. You won’t find any Death Eater #3s here; all the characters included on this list are big-hitters. We’ve tried to find some of the more unique Funko Pops to include too, Harry Potter characters depicted in their finest outfits, bristling with accessories, or leaping into action instead of just milling about.

So hold out your wand and say ‘alohomora’ to unlock our 100% accurate and objective list, because:

These are the the Best Harry Potter Funko Pops:

  • Quidditch Harry Potter
  • Dobby
  • Hedwig
  • Herbology Hermione
  • Dumbledore
  • Patronus
  • Harry Potter keyring

A Funko Pop of Harry Potter playing Quidditch

Quidditch Harry Potter

Yer a Funko Pop Harry! We couldn’t very well do a ‘Best Harry Potter Funko Pops’ list and not include the big HP, Boy-who-lived himself, could we? Harry Potter has the perfect face to slap on a Funko Pop. He’s got completely round glasses that nicely complement the Funko Pop eye shape and even a forehead accessory that shows up clearly on those oversized heads.

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Here he’s dressed in his bright red P.E kit, clutching the golden snitch that he’s snatched from the air in a Quidditch match. But his celebration will be short lived when you snatch him up and stick him on your Funko Pop shelf.

A Harry Potter Funko Pop of Dobby


Dobby never seemed to catch a break in the Harry Potter series, despite being utterly wholesome, but maybe you can look after him and make sure his Funko Pop fares better than he did in the movies or books. Here he’s captured snapping his fingers to perform some house elf magic, perhaps floating a cake onto the head of a Dursley, who can say?

Dobby makes a fine addition to any Harry Potter fan’s collection. Just don’t chuck any clothes in his direction, if you don’t want him making a bid for freedom.

A Harry Potter Funko Pop of Hedwig


Another ill-fated and adorable Harry Potter character, now immortalised in plastic form. This Hedwig Funko Pop does a good job of capturing Hedwig’s likeness, and we appreciate the feather effect as well.

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Think on this: you’ve probably got enough Funko Pop humans by now, but how many Funko Pop owls do you own?

A Harry Potter Funko Pop of Hermione

Herbology Hermione

The most competent of the golden trio, there’s a good reason Hermione Granger is a fan favourite Harry Potter character. She’s got a ton of different Funko Pops available, but this rendition of her in a herbology class is our preferred pick.

She’s clad in very fluffy earmuffs to protect her from the screams of the mandrake she’s clutching. The mandrake itself is obviously a huge part of the draw here too. Just look at its ugly, lumpy face and beady little eyes. D’aww!

A Harry Potter Funko Pop of Dumbledore


Before checking out this Funko Pop, I never realised what a sense of style Dumbledore had. But his fantastic fashion is on full show in this rather rare Harry Potter Funko Pop. Just look at the lovely patterning, the shiny fez, the beard tassel! He’s also got the phoenix Fawkes perched on his hand to keep him warm too.

A word of warning so you’re not caught unawares, this Funko Pop is ten inches tall, so it’ll tower high above the rest of your models. He is the headmaster after all, it’s only befitting of his status.



A Harry Potter Funko Pop of Harry Potter's Stag-shaped Patronus


Aha! Here’s the Funko Pop you need if you really want to repel things that go bump in the night. Harry Potter’s stag patronus looks fantastic in this ghostly, translucent model.

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As Funko Pops go, this one straddles the line perfectly, it’s very unique, and you’ll probably be the only one of your friends who owns one but it’s not obscure and is still clearly identifiable. That said, it might take someone a few moments to place it, unless it’s standing among a ton of other Harry Potter Funko Pops.

A Harry Potter Funko Pop keyring

Harry Potter Keyring

The world of Harry Potter has an ever increasing number of magical modes of transport. First we see broomsticks and flying motor vehicles, then Floo Networks and Portkeys. And towards the end of the series the characters just straight up learn how to teleport, and you wonder why everyone wasn’t always doing that.

Now, Harry Potter Funko Pops have a new way of getting around: tied to a metal chain connected to an enormous giant. It’s rudimentary, but it works! You can share your Funko Pops and love of Harry Potter with the world, by sticking a Harry Potter Funko Pop keyring on your keys.