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Best horror miniatures 2024

Whether you want to build a zombie horde, add to your DnD collection, or summon a Lovecraftian horror, these are the best horror miniatures out there.

vampire lord on flaming steed by Counterspell miniatures

The best horror miniatures are grim and grisly, an excuse for model sculptors to cut loose with the weirdest monsters, most sinister baddies, and plenty of gore besides. Horror can show up in any setting, from fantasy to sci-fi, making it easy for horror miniatures to fit into any wargame or RPG.

Perhaps you’ve read Wargamer’s guide to the best horror wargames and want to get the models together to play one of the games? Just want to add some really nasty monsters to your regular miniature wargames? Well look no further.

These are the best horror miniatures for wargames and RPGs:

Best horror miniatures - Werewolf from Counterspell Miniatures

Counterspell Miniatures

The best horror miniatures for DnD

The officially licensed WizKids DnD miniatures, scenery, and dungeon maps are all in 25mm scale, slightly smaller than the standard 28mm fantasy minis popularised by Games Workshop. If you want some high-quality horror miniatures that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your DnD mini collection, check out Counterspell Miniatures.

Wargamer received free review samples of the Counterspell miniatures range from their creator, 1985 games. These are highly detailed resin miniatures, even more so for being in the delicate 25mm scale. They’re not kits for beginners: the pieces are small, and require good hand eye coordination and delicate application of superglue to stick together.

Best horror miniatures - vampire lord on flaming steed by Counterspell miniatures

If you like painting miniatures, they’re an absolute treat. I painted up the Vampire Lord on flaming steed using traditional paints for miniatures, and the moonlit werewolves using Army Painter speed paints. I had initially intended to knock out the Vampire Lord as fast as I could, but he really was too much fun, which is why I’ve gone full bore with multiple light sources effects.

Best horror miniatures - a vile procession of bloody red monsters from Beastiarum miniatures

Bestiarum Miniatures

The best horror miniatures for your 3D printer

There are so many 3D sculptors making horror miniatures that it’s really hard to pick just one choice – we’ve gone with Bestiarum Miniatures because of the range’s high density of jaw-dropping abominations. These miniatures are heavily influenced by the nightmarish monsters of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring, blending themes of nobility, decay, and madness.

Bestiarum produces a range of DnD one shots and Forbidden Psalm scenarios starring these monsters, giving you stat blocks and scenarios to bring them into your DnD campaign.

The sculptors take full advantage of 3D printing’s unique capabilities, creating models with delicate parts and complex limbs that would need to be separated into a huge number of pieces if they were conventionally cast. That said, if you’ve just picked up a 3D printer, make sure you check out our guide about how to 3D print miniatures – big, complicated miniatures means there’s more chance for big, painful printing errors.

Best horror miniatures - Ana Polanscyk's folk horrors

Ana Polanšćak’s folk horrors

Horror miniatures from European folklore

Independent sculptor and mini painter Ana Polanšćak is a luminary of the Inq28 scene, and her blog Gardens of Hecate is a source of killer horror inspiration. Some of her gnarly conversions feature in the rulebook for 2023’s monster-hunting wargame The Doomed. Folk Horrors are her original creations, inspired by the many and varied European folk customs that involve people dressing up as incomprehensible monsters and parading through town.

These are niche minis, and they’re currently out of stock, but you can contact Meridian Miniatures and request to be added to the waiting list for the next reprint. We’re sure Polanšćak will release a third wave of them at some point, too. 

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Crooked Dice

The best pulp horror miniatures

Crooked Dice makes 7TV, a wargame inspired by pulp TV and film from the 60s to 80s, complete with a matching miniatures line. If you can think of a horror movie trope – whether its gremlins, pod people, zombies, or walking plants – chances are good that Crooked Dice has a miniature for it.

Best horror miniatures - Age of Sigmar Soulblight Gravelords skeleton warriors in rusted armor

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

The best undead miniature armies

If you want ghosts or skeletons for a horror wargame, chances are good that you want a lot of them – undead archers implies the existence of an undead army, after all. The ghosts of the Nighthaunt and skeletons of the Soulblight Gravelords Age of Sigmar armies strike an excellent balance between quality and cost.

If you want a cheaper option, or one that isn’t as heavily influenced by the Warhammer Age of Sigmar aesthetic, check out Wargames Atlantic’s Classic Fantasy skeleton warriors.

Best horror miniatures - Cthulhu sculpt for Cthulhu Wars photographed from multiple angles - an octopus-headed, lumbering behemoth with great wings, by Fenris Miniatures

Cthulhu Wars

The best Call of Cthulhu monster miniatures.

Miniature sculptors love to make Lovecraftian monsters – what could be a better challenge than sculpting something indescribable? Fenris Miniatures Cthulhu Mythos and Cthulhu Wars ranges – the latter of which were sculpted for the board game of the same name. If you can think of a monster in the extended Lovecraft mythos, you’ll find it on the Fenris Miniatures website.

If you want to get a great big stack of these Lovecraftian horrors in one go, and a truly colossal strategy board game to boot, a huge selection of them appear in Petersen Games’ Cthulhu Wars. Bear in mind that these are cast in comparatively soft plastic, compared to the resin and metal that Fenris Miniatures uses.

An asymmetrical wargame that sees rival elder gods, outer beings, and unnameable things battle for control of the globe, this is a really solid wargame as well as a package absolutely stuffed with miniatures. It’s created by Sandy Petersen, original author of the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Best horror miniatures - the Project Z zombie horde

Project Z

The best zombie apocalypse miniatures

If you want to play a zombie apocalypse wargame, you’re going to need a lot of zombies. Warlord Games’ Project Z zombie horde is the ideal way to bulk out your shamblers, an affordable box with 22 zombie torsos and a huge selection of interchangeable limbs and heads. The range also has plastic models for civilian survivors, and even a biker gang.

Best horror miniatures - an evil clown with sinister floating balloons, miniature by Black Site Studios

Black Site Studios

The best slasher movie miniatures

Don’t Look Back features on our list of the best horror wargames, and its corresponding miniatures line by Black Site Studios provides a selection of survivors and slashers ripped from the box art of 80s and 90s VHS tapes.

While Don’t Look Back’s characters are all inspired by, rather than directly taken from, classic horror movies, it’s a brilliant first place to look if you want to game with classic movie villains.

Looking for more horror gaming hits? Check out Wargamer’s guides to the best horror board games, and the best horror RPG games.