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Steamforged Dark Souls mini wave has Smough but not Ornstein

Steamforged Games is unleashing a new wave of Dark Souls minis, featuring bosses from across all three Dark Souls videogames - but no Ornstein!

Dark Souls miniatures including smourgh

Steamforged Games has announced a new wave of Dark Souls minis for use with tabletop RPGs. Featuring bosses and monsters from across the whole Dark Souls videogame series, such as Smough and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, the figures will be available to preorder from February 2 on Steamforged Games’ website.

While designed to be used with Steamforged’s own Dark Souls RPG, the company points out that “the minis can be used in any RPG encounter.” To assist with that, each figure comes with a stat card compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

There are four new Dark Souls miniature packs in total, each one containing figures that were originally found in Steamforged Games’ Dark Souls: The Board Game and its myriad expansions. They’re now coming packaged as standalone figures for all your miniature painting and D&D mini needs.

The four miniature sets are ‘Titanite & Stone’, which has the Titanite Demon and Gargoyle bosses from the first Dark Souls; ‘Sir Alonne & Smelter Demon’, which has these two Dark Souls 2 bosses; ‘Dancer of the Boreal Valley & Smough’, which has one boss each from DS1 and 3; and finally ‘Cursed Terrain’, which has eight crystal lizards. These packs join the six sets of Dark Souls miniatures that were announced in May 2022. Notably, Smough’s not paired with his buddy Ornstein. Hope those crazy kids haven’t fallen out!

Though the base game came out five years ago, Steamforged Games is still putting out new expansions for its Dark Souls board game. Most recently, it launched two standalone ‘core set’ boxes in November, with Gravelord Nito and Crossbreed Priscilla. It also revamped its core ruleset following player feedback.

Recently, Steamforged Games also Kickstarted an Elden Ring board game, which has particularly huge miniatures, and is designed to avoid ‘grinding’.