An official Dark Souls tabletop roleplaying game is coming

Steamforged Games - maker of the official Dark Souls board game and card game adaptations - has announced it's making a tabletop RPG for FromSoft's classic

Dark Souls tabletop RPG release date - Bandai Namco cover art from Dark Souls Remastered showing a bonfire and hero in plate armour

Praise the sun (if you’re so inclined) – for, although there are still weeks to wait for FromSoftware’s latest videogame epic, Elden Ring, the studio’s original, flagship gothic fantasy series is getting a brand new release, in the form of a Dark Souls tabletop RPG. There’s no release date or window for the game just yet.

Revealed on Wednesday in a tweet (and suitably ominous teaser trailer, which you can watch below) by publisher Steamforged Games, Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game is being made under licence from Bandai Namco and FromSoft (publisher and developer of the Dark Souls trilogy, its precursor Demon’s Souls, and 2015’s Bloodborne).

We can’t yet divine much in the way of specifics about the TTRPG’s gameplay – for instance, whether it’ll be based on an existing popular pen-and-paper RPG ruleset, or develop its own unique system. The 30-second trailer does, however suggest it will use the classic array of multi-sided RPG dice used in Dungeons and Dragons 5E – as we can clearly see a d20, a d12, a d10, a d8, a d6, and a d4 dancing merrily in the bonfire’s flames.

Alongside D&D-adjacent roleplaying products like the adorable Animal Adventures and Epic Encounters series, Steamforged has previously worked with Bandai Namco on a licensed Dark Souls board game and card game.

We’ll likely hear more haunting whispers on the wind about this upcoming TTRPG in the new year – so watch out for further updates on Wargamer.

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