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One of the best Disney Lorcana cards has spiked 290% in price

Beast, Relentless is looking like one of the most underplayed Disney Lorcana cards ever, as a new combo deck catapults its price sky high.

Disney Lorcana - the beast looking angry in a storm

The Disney Lorcana card Beast, Relentless has grown massively more expensive over the past few weeks, after the emergence of a new infinite combo. According to TCGPlayer prices, the Rise of the Floodborn Beast card cost just $7.80 around the start of the month, but it’s shot up to $30.40 since then, a massive 290% increase.

The reason for that bump in price, which has seen Beast Relentless becoming one of the most expensive Lorcana cards (that’s not either enchanted or a promo) seems pretty straightforward. It’s all down to the emergence of new Into the Inklands Lorcana cards, which – together with Beast, Relentless – form one of the trading card game’s first infinite loops.

Disney Lorcana card Beast Relentless

The first of these, the Lorcana location card Bayou, Mysterious Swamp lets you draw and discard a card whenever a character at the location quests. The second, Sheriff of Nottingham, lets you deal one damage to an opposing character whenever you discard a card.

So, here’s how to pull off the combo. You play Beast, Relentless. On the next turn, you play Sheriff of Nottingham, Corrupt Official and move Beast to the Bayou. Then when you quest with Beast, you’ll discard and draw, and ping a character for one damage. You then get to ready up Beast and quest again, and again, and again.

Disney Lorcana card The Bayou

The only contingency here is that you need your opponent to have characters with enough willpower collectively to let you win the game before they’re all defeated. For instance, if you were on zero lore when you started this combo (unlikely) then you’d need them to have at least nine willpower to be able to win in one turn.

Disney Lorcana card Sheriff of Nottingham

This combo seems to have fans pretty excited for Steel-Emerald Disney Lorcana decks, hence the price rise. There was already a really strong Steel-Emerald deck in the meta, but Beast, Relentless looks set to supplant it.

However, there are some decent counters to this combo. In particular, playing cards with Resist works well, preventing the Sheriff dealing its damage. The Prince, Never Gives Up is a good example, benefitting from the Bodyguard keyword as well, and the card Four Dozen Eggs can completely shut down the interaction by giving your whole team Resist.

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