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Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands Starter decks revealed

Disney Lorcana has revealed the full spoiler list for the Into the Inklands starter decks, with the whole card list now available to peruse.

Disney Lorcana artwork showing Pongo the daddy dog from 101 dalmations

On Monday, February 12, Ravensburger revealed the Disney Lorcana starter decks for Into the Inklands, with every card from the pair of upcoming decks shown off.

We already knew which Disney Lorcana colors these decks would be, as well as some of the key characters that would be featured, but now we know everything – from the name, right down to every last common.

The two Into the Inklands decks are Plenty of Pluck, and Dogged and Dynamic. The first is an Amber and Emerald deck themed around Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians (plus other Disney dogs), while the second is a Ruby and Sapphire deck based on Duck Tales, with a side order of Moana.

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Amber, Emerald cards

You can see some of the key characters for Dogged and Dynamic (all cards of a certain Lorcana rarity) above. As for how the deck plays, it’s focused on a go-wide strategy with bodyguard characters mixed in to protect your Amber horde.

The Emerald cards seem less focused, with a few different tricks like item removal, and a couple of cards that care about moving to the new Disney Lorcana location cards.

Quantity Ink Color Name Title
5 Amber Dalmatian Puppy Tail Wagger
3 Amber Kida Atlantean
1 Amber Lucky The 15th Puppy
2 Amber Nani Protective Sister
3 Amber Patch Intimidating Pup
1 Amber Pluto Determined Defender
3 Amber Pluto Friendly Pooch
1 Amber Pongo Determined Father
3 Amber Rolly Hungry Pup
2 Amber Tinker Bell Generous Fairy
3 Amber Wendy Talented Sailor
2 Amber Neverland Mermaid’s Lagoon
3 Emerald Cubby Mighty Lost Boy
2 Emerald Don Karnage Prince of Pirates
2 Emerald Flotsam Riffraff
1 Emerald Helga Sinclair Vengeful Partner
2 Emerald Jetsam Riffraff
2 Emerald Kit Cloudkicker Tough Guy
2 Emerald Horace No-Good Scoundrel
2 Emerald Jasper Common Crook
1 Emerald Peter Pan Lost Boy Leader
1 Emerald Robin Hood Daydreamer
1 Emerald Starkey Devious Pirate
2 Emerald Wildcat Mechanic
2 Emerald Strike a Good Match
2 Emerald Hynotize
3 Emerald Improvise
3 Emerald De Vil Manor Cruella’s Estate

Meanwhile, Plenty of Pluck features aggressive Ruby characters that can reduce an opponent’s lore and also like moving to locations. And then Sapphire characters that can boost each other’s stats and work well with item cards. This deck seems particularly focused on challenging, and you’ll want to time its attacks just right to win.

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Ruby, Sapphire cards

Quantity Ink Color Name Title
3 Ruby Della Duck Unstoppable Mom
3 Ruby HeiHei Accidental Explorer
3 Ruby Kakamora Menacing Sailor
3 Ruby Maui Soaring Demigod
1 Ruby Moana Born Leader
2 Ruby Minnie Mouse Always Classy
3 Ruby Moana Undeterred Voyager
1 Ruby Simba Scrappy Cub
3 Ruby Webby Vanderquack Enthusiastic Duck
2 Ruby Dragon Fire
2 Ruby Voyage
1 Ruby Maui’s Fish Hook
2 Ruby Sumerian Talisman
3 Ruby Agrabah Marketplace
2 Sapphire Dewey Showy Nephew
2 Sapphire Flintheart Glomgold Lone Cheater
3 Sapphire Gramma Tala Keeper of Ancient Stories
2 Sapphire Cogsworth Talking Clock
1 Sapphire Gyro Gearloose Gadget Whiz
1 Sapphire Huey Savvy Nephew
3 Sapphire Flounder Voice of Reason
2 Sapphire Duke Weaselton Small-Time Crook
3 Sapphire Louie Chill Nephew
2 Sapphire Maid Marion Delightful Dreamer
1 Sapphire Scrooge McDuck Richest Duck in the World
2 Sapphire Scrooge McDuck Uncle Moneybags
2 Sapphire Vault Door
2 Sapphire Motunui Island Paradise

The upcoming Disney Lorcana set, Into the Inklands is expected to release on February 23. Check our Disney Lorcana release date guide to keep up to date with the latest news.