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DnD Beyond gets Redwall-inspired 5e setting Humblewood

You can play an owl girl or pigeon boy in Humblewood, the latest third-party DnD setting to come to Dungeons and Dragons' online platform.

DnD 5e setting art for humblewood showing a baby owl fighter and a corvid mage

Fans of Root and Redwall alike should rejoice, as the 5e setting Humblewood has launched to Dungeons and Dragons platform DnD Beyond. In this Redwall-inspired world, players can take on the roles of various bird people in a vast forest under threat from wildfires.

In a new video on the DnD YouTube channel, Humblewood creators Hit Point Press say the campaign setting is about a “story of conservation and learning to live with nature”. Though not designed for children, they say they’ve seen particular success with families using the world for their first DnD campaign.

Released as third-party 5e content in late 2019 after a successful Kickstarter, Humblewood is known for the vast quantity of new DnD races it introduces to the game. The majority of these are the bird-folk, from the smart but distrusted crow-like Corvum, who make great 5e rogues, to the mighty owl-like Strig, who are big 5e barbarian types.

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You don’t have to be a feathered friend, however. There’s also the option of playing the humblefolk, on the forest floor, who can look like deer, raccoons, mice, and foxes.

As well as 10 new races, Humblewood features “three new backgrounds, seven new feats, 10 new spells, and over 20 new magic items,” as well as 50 new DnD monsters.

This is the latest in DnD’s quest to add popular partnered content to its DnD Beyond platform. Beginning in August 2023, Wizards first added the Critical Role setting of Tal’dorei, and has since followed up with Dungeons of Drakkenheim and Lairs of Etharis.

DnD 5e setting Humblewood art showing a dove magician

The creators of the DnD setting of Humblewood are currently playtesting Humblewood 2, which will add even more content to the game. A recently released playtest PDF included a parrot-like subrace, and cat-based race, the Eluran.

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