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Halloween sale discounts spooky DnD adventures from Kobold Press

A range of DnD adventures are available at a discount from 5e publisher Kobold Press, in the company's Halloween sale - which will offer new deals each week.

DnD adventures a moon with a mimic's face

Third party Dungeons and Dragons publisher Kobold Press is putting some of its scariest DnD adventures on sale for the month of October. Right now there are five adventures on sale in the 2023 Halloween sale. Each is 25% off, discounted from a whopping $3.99 all the way to a more affordable $2.99. However, it seems these products will only be on sale until Monday, replaced at the start of the week with a new batch of discounts. The Kobold Press Halloween sale will last throughout October, with a new slate of savings each week.

If you’re in the mood for some horror RPG games, Kobold Press might be a good place to look for the next few weeks. A plethora of spooky DnD one shot adventures are on sale right now, including one, Rise of the Mimic Moon, that promises to provide “the bones of an entire DnD campaign” within a 16-page supplement.

That adventure includes five new 5e Mimic monsters, including one that – you guessed it – is the moon. Also on sale are four ‘Warlock Lairs’ part of Kobold Press’ series of shorter adventures.

There’s Unguis Sorrow, which is all about DnD dragons; Terror in Altbach, about a protector spirit gone bad; Terror at the Twelve Goats Tavern, the classic tavern defense scenario, but featuring ‘infernal gnomes’; and a Captain’s Honor, which has big ghost pirate energy.

Kobold Press is one of the most prolific third party DnD publishers, but after the DnD OGL debacle in early 2023, the company announced it was working on its own tabletop RPG system too. Now known as Tales of the Valiant, the system is compatible with 5e DnD, described by its creators as DnD ‘with teeth‘. An alpha version of the rules came out in September, along with the first standalone Tales of the Valiant adventure.

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