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Quiz reveals your role in the next DnD book’s big heists

Keys from the Golden Vault will send your characters on heists and hijinks - and a cute new quiz will reveal the role you should play

DnD book Keys from the Golden Vault art - a gnome with goggles on their head prepares to grab a golden crown

Soon-to-release DnD book ‘Keys from the Golden Vault’ is all about heists, schemes, subterfuge, and generally nicking stuff – and a cute quiz from Wizards of the Coast will help you work out what role you should play in the criminal caper.

You’ve done this sort of thing before – answer a series of short questions, like ‘Where can you usually be found?’ or ‘How do you get out of a tough situation?’, and you’ll learn what your character will bring to the (RPG) party.

Interestingly, this quiz doesn’t just recommend which DnD class or DnD race or species would suit you best but also the role you’ll play in the heist. Are you ‘The Muscle’ or ‘The Decoy’ – or maybe ‘The Mastermind’? Anyone who’s watched a George Clooney movie knows that role specialisation is even more important in heists than it is in DnD. 

Perhaps these aren’t just fancy titles and will have an as-yet unrevealed mechanical effect. We already know that Keys from the Golden Vault will have a section of advice for running heists and two different DnD maps for each adventure, one for the GM and one for the criminals – sorry, players – to plan their approach, as well as Mission Impossible style briefings.

The new book is out in paper on February 21, and digital pre-orders are already open. If you can’t wait to start your criminal endeavours, you could try Blades in the Dark, an RPG that’s 100% focused on heists and other criminal capers and has a well-earned spot on our list of the best tabletop RPGs.