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DnD book of heists has Mission Impossible style briefings

Wizards has given the release date for its heist-themed new DnD book Keys from the Golden Vault, as well as some new details on the adventures within

DnD book adventure - a front cover in the style of a golden vault door with a keyhole in its centre

Wizards of the Coast has revealed new details on Keys from the Golden Vault, its upcoming DnD book of heist adventures releasing this month. Physical copies of the book will be available from February 21 in the US and March 24 in the UK and EMEA, but fans who preorder a digital and physical bundle will get their virtual versions next week, on Tuesday, February 7.

In this book of thirteen heists, players will be asked to obtain key items by a mysterious organisation called the Golden Vault. Amanda Hamon, the book’s co-lead designer, says the quests are given “in the form of magical, golden keys that are inserted into what looks like a mundane music box. Instead of a pretty tune, though, the music box then provides a recording with all the information needed for the adventurers to hunt a particular item of interest.” Very Mission Impossible!

A Wizards press release reveals that The Golden Vault is (rumoured to be) linked to metallic DnD dragons and located on one of the Outer Planes that has a good DnD alignment. Its catchphrase is: “Do good, no matter the cost”, which sounds like the perfect motto for a friendly faction that does a surprise villain flip in act three, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t be out of place coming out of Thanos’ big purple mouth.

DnD book - Keys from the Golden Vault cover showing adventurers on a heist

The adventures are designed to be slotted into your own campaign, or strung together as one overarching story, and range from levels 1 to 11. Each one comes with two DnD maps – one for the DM to reference and one for the players. The book’s other co-lead, Chris Perkins, notes that “The players’ map, however, is often unreliable or incomplete.”

As we previously spotted on WPN, Keys from the Golden Vault has two covers, the regular one with the heist illustration that most people will get, and an alternate cover by Simen Meyer, copies of which will only be available through game stores.