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February’s DnD adventure book has thirteen heists to bungle

We’ve snuck past laser tripwires and sleeping guards to fetch the blueprints to the next D&D book, the heist adventure-filled Keys from the Golden Vault

DnD book keys from the golden vault - artwork of two adventurers rapelling down into a room

The cover and contents for Keys from the Golden Vault have been revealed. This heist-themed D&D book from Wizards of the Coast releases February 21, 2023, and contains thirteen short adventures, ranging from levels 1-11, each centred around a single job.

Previously, Amazon listings for the book revealed the date, a $45 / £35 retail price, and the heist theme, but basically no other details. We now not only have some lovely cover art to gawp at, but a fairly detailed breakdown of the book’s contents, all revealed on the Wizards Play Network website.

According to the blurb, Keys from the Golden Vault has thirteen “short, standalone D&D adventures”, which can be slotted into any homebrew DnD setting. These range from “procuring a well-guarded item” to “obtaining crucial information from an imprisoned contact”, but the gist of it is, in each one you’re going to be sneaking into somewhere that doesn’t look too kindly on sneaking – bring your Rogue!

The contents of the book include an introduction to a special ops heisting organisation called The Golden Vault, advice on how to run heists in tabletop RPGs, and the thirteen adventures previously mentioned. An interesting note is that each adventure comes with two DnD maps – one that the players can use to plan their heist (a key scene in any heist movie) and another that the DM can use to help run the adventure.

Keys from the Golden Vault will have two covers, the regular version, which shows two heisters rappelling down from a skylight above a nasty looking critter, and an alternate cover styled as a gold, art deco vault door. Based on previous products like Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, we’d expect the latter to be a little pricier.

According to WPN, Keys from the Golden Vault releases in just under one month’s time, on February 21, 2023. That said, Amazon listings have moved the title’s release date to March 24, 2023, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled in case anything changes. Check out our DnD release schedule guide to make sure you don’t miss anything.