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Local game stores will get “early access” to new DnD books

Wizards of the Coast reveals a schedule of early access releases for 2024’s Dungeons and Dragons books - exclusive to local game stores.

DnD books early access - Twitter alarm clock emoji next to Wizards of the Coast art of Vecna

Brick-and-mortar game stores in the US and Canada will be selling this year’s DnD books up to two weeks ahead of their global release, Wizards of the Coast confirms. A Wizards Play Network post from March 18 announces the revival of ‘Local Game Store Early Access’. This means the new One DnD core rulebooks will be available to buy early – if you shop in a Local Games Store (LGS).

While the rest of the world must stick to the existing DnD release schedule, Local Game Store Early Access has its own set of launch dates. The first DnD campaign of 2024, Vecna: Eve of Ruin, will be released on May 7 through the early access scheme. This is followed by Quests from the Infinite Staircase on July 9.

The One DnD Player’s Handbook enters early access on September 3, and the new Dungeon Master’s guide follows on October 29. Finally, the new Monster Manual will be available at LGSs from February 4. The Dungeons and Dragons history book, The Making of D&D, isn’t part of the early access scheme.

This scheme only applies to books sold in-store or for in-store pickup – no online sales or shipping included. Wizards also says in Monday’s post that the scheme is available to “all core hobby retailers, not just stores in the Wizards Play Network”. Stores can “begin collecting pre-orders now”, ready for the first DnD book release in May.

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