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Get spooky DnD books cheap in this Halloween RPG sale

DMsGuild has a Halloween sale featuring DnD books about Ravenloft - horror lovers should check out the savings on these digital RPG books.

DnD books Ravenloft book showing vampire strahd.

Dungeon Masters Guild has a sale on for Halloween, featuring dozens of discounts on fear-themed third party DnD books. This sale is all about Ravenloft, the gothic horror setting where one of the best official DnD adventures, Curse of Strahd, takes place. Predictably, the sale runs until Halloween, so currently (writing on October 18) you have another thirteen days to capitalize on some savings.

If you’re running a DnD campaign in Ravenloft, you’re in luck. This DMsGuild sale features 169 products, all of them designed with this DnD setting in mind. While DMsGuild features both PDFs and physical books, all the deals we’ve seen are on digital versions. There are some great adventures in the sale, though, like Happy Jack’s Funhouse, a clown-themed dungeon recently featured in our list of the best horror DnD one shots.

That’s on sale for 40% off, along with The Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss by the same authors. Both are down from $6.95 to $4.17. A third adventure comes packaged with these in a bundle called the ‘Freak Show Collection’ which is 20% reduced.

Other discounted titles worth highlighting include Dread Metrol, an Eberron x Ravenloft crossover by the former setting’s creator Keith Baker, on sale for $10.77 instead of its usual price $17.95. There’s also She is the Ancient, which reimagines Strahd von Zarovich as a female vampire, and Baba Lysaga’s Nocturnes and Nightmares, which features all kinds of new content, from DnD monsters to spells.

The Curse of Strahd Companion is one of the largest books in the sale, and it’s reduced by 20%, down from $19.95 to $15.96. This 440-page work reorganizes Curse of Strahd for easy referencing at the table, and includes loads of new adventures, characters, items, and encounters.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the store, Dungeon Master’s Guild contains third-party DnD titles, but Wizards of the Coast gets a 50% share of the profits. This provides a place for third party work that’s free to feature Wizards of the Coast-created content residing outside of the DnD OGL, like published DnD settings, characters, or DnD cities.