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TikTok reimagines DnD classes as glass jars falling down stairs

Like most things in life, the DnD 5e classes are best understood if you interpret them as glass bottles hurtling down steps in a TikTok video.

DnD classes - Wizards of the Coast art of three glass bottles of various shapes

Ever wondered what different DnD classes would look like if they were glass jars tumbling down some stairs? Of course you haven’t, but TikTok can tell you. User Hephyboi jumped on the bizarre sensory trend on July 5, sending several bits of glassware flying and assigning different DnD classes to them as they smashed on the steps.

You’d need some pretty strong divination magic to understand why this is a trend, but the social media app has been filled with videos like Hephyboi’s (see below). Often they’re tagged with phrases like ‘sensory’, ‘satisfying’, and ‘ASMR’ – and we’ve got to admit, they do scratch some strange primordial itch.

@hephyboi DND classes as jars #dnd#dndtiktok#adhd#neurodivergent#neurospicy#sensory#dndclasses#dndhumor#fantasy#ttrpg#jar ♬ original sound – HEPHAESTUSMAC

Hephyboi’s class choices make a weird amount of sense. The DnD Fighter is a stout, basic mason jar that makes it down the stairwell without breaking, and the DnD Wizard is a wine bottle that shatters on the very first step. The DnD Warlock (now a beer bottle) even appears to take a short rest 5e, stopping in the middle of the stairs.

Some of the core DnD classes are missing from Hephyboi’s video, which leaves us plenty to speculate about. Is there glassware out there that could represent the DnD Druid’s Wild Shape? What kind of jar would show off the DnD Monk’s fighting feats? Answers in a TikTok, please.

We’re now wondering what the different DnD races and DnD alignments would look like as glass bottles on a staircase. Similarly, what would our favorite DnD campaigns be represented by? We’re going to be thinking about this for a while.