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DnD gives new global release date for the Deck of Many Things

US Dungeons and Dragons fans will get their copies of the DnD Deck of Many Things on January 5, but the rest of the world must wait longer.

DnD Deck of Many Things delays - Wizards of the Coast art of a goblin using the deck of many things with a sleepy twitter emoji in front

Wizards of the Coast has shared an update on its delayed DnD Deck of Many Things product bundle, confirming on December 11 that Europe, the Middle East, and Africa can expect pre-orders to arrive around January 29, 2024. American Dungeons and Dragons players will see an earlier, previously announced release date of January 5.

The DnD Deck of Many Things and its accompanying Book of Many Things were originally set to release on November 14, 2023. The bundle includes an expanded physical version of the iconic 5e magic item with 44 new cards, as well as a DnD book filled with advice and RPG materials inspired by the deck.

DnD Deck of Many Things delays tweet from D&DBeyond

Wizards first announced delays on November 20, six days after the book’s digital release on D&DBeyond. “After an internal review we found the product didn’t meet our manufacturing standards”, the publisher wrote. “Unfortunately, making this right will delay the release of the physical product, both directly from Wizards as well as our retail partners.”

The manufacturing issues Wizards of the Coast referred to were plentiful. In our DnD Deck of Many Things review copy, we found cards with inconsistent centering, card borders, and bending. One card was even missing entirely.

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“We are sorry to those of you who have put in your pre-orders already or planned on picking up your copy on November 14”, Wizards wrote in its original statement. “We believe that delaying the release of this product will ensure it is delivered to you in the way our team envisioned it.”

Thanks to these delays, the Deck of Many Things is now part of the 2024 DnD release schedule. Wizards recently revealed the new books to expect next year, including a level 20 adventure and the Player’s Handbook for One DnD.