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Meet the Demogorgon: D&D Demogorgon 5e stats, lore, and more

Stranger Things may have shot the D&D Demogorgon to fame, but before that he was a TTRPG icon – here’s the Demogorgon 5e stats and facts

The Prince of Demons, the King of Deviants, Master of the Spiralling Depths – the D&D Demogorgon goes by many names. Before he was an upside-down icon in Stranger Things, Demogorgon was a demonic lesser deity found swimming in the darkness of DnD’s underworld. Wizards of the Coast plucked this two-headed monster from mythology, adding him to the game’s first edition back in 1976.

Below you’ll find a complete guide to one of the most iconic DnD monsters and DnD demons, the Demogorgon. This includes Demogorgon 5e DnD stats and lore, as well as how the character differs from the one found in Stranger Things. We can even point you to the DnD books that’ll help you bring him to life in your next game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the D&D Demogorgon:

  • Stranger Things Demogorgon
  • D&D Demogorgon 5e lore
  • D&D Demogorgon 5e stats
  • Where to find the Demogorgon 5e

DnD Demogorgon 5e - Stranger Things starter set product photo from Wizards of the Coast

Stranger Things Demogorgon

First, let’s establish what D&D’s Demogorgon isn’t. The monster from Stranger Things is inspired by the demon prince, and he takes on his name thanks to a group of TTRPG-loving children. However, they’re different in many ways.

The Stranger Things Demogorgon is a tall, humanoid creature with slimy skin and a flower-like face. This flower has lots of teeth hidden inside, and as soon as it’s able to leave its dimension, it quickly begins using these on the residents of Hawkins. This Demogorgon is far from being a DnD god – it’s considered a foot-soldier to The Mind Flayer, and by extension Vecna.

DnD Demogorgon 5e (art from Wizards of the Coast)

D&D Demogorgon 5e lore

Demogorgon is found in the Abyss, D&D’s version of hell. Tentacles sprout from his apelike shoulders, and his lizard-like lower body ends with webbed feet and claws. Demogorgon has two heads named Aemeul and Hathradiah. Clearly his endless list of nicknames just wasn’t enough.

The underworld is split into several layers (each ruled by a different demon), and Demogrogon’s domain is The Gaping Maw. He rules from a lair called Abysm. This is a palace that’s split into two serpentine towers, each headed by a huge fanged skull.

The area around Abysm is filled with poisonous and venomous creatures. All beasts within a mile are driven to violent madness, and humanoid characters can end up the same way if they spend too long in the area. When fighting in his lair, Demogorgon can create illusions of himself or cast darkness in four different areas for a round.

DnD Demogorgon 5e fights ranger Drizzt and panther (art by Wizards of the Coast)

Demogorgon can inspire madness with his gaze, and even spending time in his domain can drive powerful demons to insanity. Despite this, some humanoids have dedicated cults to his power.

Demogorgon’s two heads have separate personalities, and they aren’t particularly keen on each other. If they could ever agree on anything, Demogorgon would probably be powerful enough to rule all of the Abyss.

D&D Demogorgon 5e stats

Here are the 5e stats for the Demogorgon:

Strength 29 (+9)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 26 (+8)
Intelligence 20 (+5)
Wisdom 17 (+3)
Charisma 25 (+7)
Armour class 22 (natural armour)
Hit points 464 (32d12 + 256)
Challenge rating 26 (90,000xp)
Proficiency bonus +8
Speed 50ft, swim 50ft

Demogorgon is a huge fiend with a Chaotic Evil DnD alignment. He speaks all languages, and he can even communicate with telepathy. Demogorgon has truesight and a passive perception of 29.

Additionally, Demogorgon is resistant to cold, fire, and lightning. He’s also immune to poison, bludgeoning, piercing, and non-magical slashing damage. He has advantage on saving throws against all 5e spells and magical effects, and his two heads give him advantage on saving throws against being blinded, stunned, deafened, or knocked unconscious. In case that wasn’t enough, Demogorgon also can’t be charmed, exhausted, frightened, or poisoned.

As you’d expect from a CR 26 creature and a demon prince, Demogorgon has a lot of powers. His Legendary Resistance lets him succeed on a failed saving throw three times a day. He can attack with his tentacles, or he can use a magical gaze that stuns, confuses, or charms an opponent who fails a Wisdom saving throw.

DnD Demogorgon 5e seen on the cover of Out of the Abyss (art by Wizards of the Coast)

Demogorgon can cast Detect Magic 5e and Major Image at will. He can also use Dispel Magic, Fear, and Telekinesis three times a day, or Feebleminded and Project Image just once.

Demogorgon has +11 Insight and +19 Perception, as well as the following saving throws:

  • Dexterity +10
  • Constitution +16
  • Wisdom +11
  • Charisma +15

DnD Demogorgon 5e - Wizards of the Coast art of Mordenkainen riding a magical steed

Where to find the Demogorgon 5e

The most up-to-date source for Demogorgon 5e content is Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse. You can also find details on the demon in the Out of the Abyss campaign book, but the information you find here may be slightly different. This is because it presents stats from the now-shelved Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.

The Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master’s Guide also offer some snippets of Demogorgon info. Chances are, though, if you’re planning to play D&D, you’ll have picked these up already.

If you’re looking to add the Demogorgon from Stranger Things to your D&D game, that’s doable too. The 5e adventure Hunt for the Thessalhydra is written from the perspective of Mike Wheeler, and it was originally included in the Stranger Things DnD starter set.