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Official DnD dice holder raises money for LGBTQ charity

Wizards of the Coast has launched a limited edition DnD dice holder, and a portion of the profits will be donated to The Trevor Project.

LGBTQ DnD dice holder with rainbow d20

Dungeons and Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast has partnered with Sirius Dice to release a limited edition DnD dice holder which celebrates the LGBTQ community. Wizards shared news of the product via social media on October 16, announcing that $28 (£22.99) of every sale will be donated to The Trevor Project, a charity working to end suicide among young LGBTQ people.

For $34.99 (£28.73), you’ll get a glittery, rainbow d20 that slots inside a dice holder that can be worn around your neck with a cord. The metal holder’s design is inspired by the Progress Pride Flag, which was designed by Daniel Quasar. Like the flag, the DnD dice holder includes colors that represent people of color (POC) and trans members of the LGBTQ community.

Only 1,500 dice and d20 holders are being made. Pre-orders are currently open, but it’s not currently clear when the product will arrive.

DnD Dice Holder LGBTQ ad from Wizards of the Coast

This isn’t the first time Wizards of the Coast has celebrated pride with dice. Back in June, the publisher’s Pride month plans involved giving away rainbow DnD Beyond dice for free.

Wizards, however, has at times had its allyship criticized. In 2022, a Pride-themed MTG Secret Lair set was released – but fans quickly pointed out the announcement was blocked in several countries. Wizards later responded to this, acknowledging its “missteps”.

Tabletop RPGs like D&D are seen by many as an LGBTQ safe haven, and queer representation is only growing in the hobby space. Members of the community – like Death, Drag, and Decadence, an actual play series run by drag artists – show off the queer joy of Dungeons and Dragons.

And D&D isn’t alone – here’s why Warhammer 40k’s LGBT representation works, as well as the latest on MTG’s most beloved LGBTQ couple. For more on D&D, here’s all you need to know about DnD classes and DnD races for your next DnD character build.