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DnD drag queens star in the new season of Dimension 20

DnD actual play show Dimension 20 has announced a new mini-season featuring famous drag queens - Dungeons and Drag Queens starts June.

DnD Dimension 20 DM Brenna lee mulligan in eyeshadow

The next season of DnD actual play show Dimension 20 is looking fabulous. It features big name drag queens, all of whom have starred on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Joining DM Brennan Lee Mulligan for a game of DnD 5e is Monét X Change, Alaska Thunderfuck, Bob the Drag Queen, and JuJuBee, for a season entitled: Dungeons and Drag Queens. A four episode mini-season, the show premiers on Dropout on June 28.

This season will take place in an entirely new world not connected to previous Dimension 20 content. It will have physical battle sets, and Adventuring Party talkbacks, and the first episode will be free on YouTube from July 5. However, there’s no plans currently to release the remainder of the show on the platform.

Drag artist @danyelss has created these awesome illustrations of the characters. Monét plays a merfolk assassin, Alaska is a ginormous orc barbarian, Bob a white-haired Tiefling sorcerer, and Twyla a fey ranger/soldier. From the trailer below we can see Brennan Lee Mulligan as a DM with elfy ears – not quite in drag, but at least he’s sporting eyeshadow.

Notably, Dungeons & Drag Queens shares its title with an existing liveshow in Seattle, but Dimension 20 says it sought and received permission before using the name.

According to tweets by Dropout CEO Sam Reich, the company has been trying to make Dungeons & Drag Queens happen since not long after Dimension 20 began in 2018. After four years of trying, “it all came together spontaneously and magically”.

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