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Displacer Beast beard oil is DnD’s weirdest product yet

Wizards of the Coast has partnered with grooming brand Beard Sorcery to make Displacer Beast beard oil, a DnD product for bearded roleplayers.

DnD Displacer Beast beard oil - a displacer beast in a forest background.

Displacer Beast beard oil is now a real DnD product you can buy, thanks to a partnership between Wizards of the Coast and Beard Sorcery. According to the fantasy-themed grooming brand’s website, the Displacer Beast beard oil contains a “stealthy mix of juniper berries, clean citrus, cedar, and spices”. It’s available now from their online store, selling at $21.95 per 30 ml bottle.

This is actually the second DnD monster whose essence has been captured and bottled by Beard Sorcery to make beard oil. Earlier in 2023, the Colorado-based brand also released a ‘Mighty Owlbear’ beard oil which smells of bergamot. And while these aren’t tied to the Dungeons and Dragons brand, Beard Sorcery also has products that map to several DnD classes, from Druid’s Mist to Paladin’s Might.

From the product page, we’re inferring that the Displacer Beast 5e beard oil was designed for a DnD Ranger, as apparently, it’s been created with “the hunter’s amusement and determination in mind”. The description, rather alarmingly, then adds: “Is your beard ready for the hunt?” My own beard has never acted of its own accord, to my knowledge, but perhaps it is a nocturnal predator.

DnD Displacer Beast Beard Oil

Speaking of predators, Displacer Beasts are magical panther-like creatures with tentacles sprouting from their shoulders that can create illusory images to disguise their location. They do not have beards, so we’re left to assume that this beard oil is harvested from the creature itself. Hopefully, this is done in an ethical and sustainable way. Perhaps it is milked from scent glands the way castoreum is extracted from beavers for vanilla flavorings and perfume.

(Fun fact: these castor sacs were often mistaken for a beaver’s testicles, which gave rise to a myth that a pursued beaver, to make a clean getaway, would chew off its valuable nuts and leave them behind. It turned out to be utter bollocks.)

The Displacer Beast beard oil can be bought from Beard Sorcery’s website, on its own, or in a bundle with the Owlbear bottle. The site suggests more Dungeons and Dragons products are ‘coming soon’.

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