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DnD Yahtzee is now a real game you can buy – for $30!

Wizards of the Coast has launched DnD Yahtzee, mixing two nostalgic dice-rolling games together into one - although the price tag's pretty steep

DnD Yahtzee dice featuring beholder, and owlbear monsters on the dice faces.

You’ve heard of D&D Trivial Pursuit and D&D Clue. You’ve (hopefully) avoided the irrational urge to purchase D&D Monopoly. But did you know about… D&D Yahtzee?

Wizards of the Coast, steward of the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying game, is always hungrier than the most fearsome DnD dragon for new merch-making opportunities. Now the D&D brand is even expanding into the domain of classic dice games.

It’s selling, at The Op website, a deluxe version of Yahtzee, priced at $29.99 – quite the tall order for a game that can be played with just a handful of dice, a scrap of paper, and a pencil.

DnD Yahtzee dice tower

To justify that price tag, YAHTZEE®: Dungeons & Dragons includes a dice tower decorated with the classic D&D ampersand and covered in draconic black scales – for use on your regular D&D night, or with the tabletop RPG of your choice.

The dice are also printed with images of iconic DnD monsters, such as the Beholder 5e and Mimic 5e. It’s a fairly pretty product, though we slightly question if it deserves to be called “an adventurous version” of classic Yahtzee or even really “a bold new spin” on the game.

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