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DnD Eberron creator releasing a book full of setting secrets

DnD Eberron creator Keith Baker is releasing a new sourcebook that will explore the deepest secrets of the beloved Dungeons and Dragons setting

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The designer who invented Eberron is releasing a new DnD 5e Eberron book to cover some of the “countless corners of the world that have never been dealt with in depth.” Not an official Wizards of the Coast release, this 22-chapter sourcebook with over 200 pages will be released through DM’s Guild as a PDF, as well as printed to demand.

According to its creator Keith Baker, who revealed the book on his website on Tuesday, Chronicles of Eberron is expected to become available by the first weekend of December “but there’s still a chance it could be delayed”.

The book is split into two parts. The first, ‘The Library’, covers “topics that are of interest to both players and DMs”, and seems to be about providing new character options. The second section,’The Vault’ “explores distant lands and deeper secrets” – such as demon cities. Of course, Baker says Chronicles of Eberron will contain plenty of new DnD monsters and unique 5e spells – all that stuff you’d expect to get in a sourcebook.

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Chronicles of Eberron was produced by both Baker and game designer Imogen Gingell, who’s a platinum bestseller on DM’s Guild, and a ‘space plasma physicist’. Baker’s description of Chronicles suggests Gingell is the brains behind the book’s stat blocks and other “game elements”

One of the most widely beloved DnD settings, known for its low-level, everyday magic, and noir-style adventures, Eberron became an official Wizards of the Coast campaign setting in 2002, after Keith Baker won a competition with it.

Both Baker and Wizards have released plenty of content for it since then. Baker released Exploring Eberron in 2020, while Wizards latest foray into the setting was in 2019 with Eberron: Rising from the Last War (co-authored by Baker).

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