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Elden Ring Omen is a DnD race now (with big Tiefling energy)

Elden Ring once again meets the TTRPG world thanks to these Dungeons and Dragons homebrew races, which transform you into an Omen

A large, troll-like creature with blotchy purple skin stretched over its bones and a twig-like mane surrounding its face draws a sword from behind its back

Since it was first released, the FromSoftware videogame Elden Ring has drawn many comparisons with D&D. Some say the game runs just like a DnD adventure, and we’ve already shown how easily you can build your DnD character in Elden Ring. One fan of both games has taken the crossover further – with a homebrew that transforms you into one of the game’s iconic monsters.

Introducing the newest of the (unofficial) DnD races, the Omen. An Omen in Elden Ring is a person born cursed who later becomes a huge, ogre-like monster. You’ll find this origin story in the homebrew shared on July 12 by Reddit user u/LowertTheMoob, as well as some stats and abilities to make the Omen more D&D-friendly.

“The premise of the Omen in Elden Ring holds a lot of story potential for player-characters”, u/LowertTheMoob tells Wargamer. “Omen live conflicting lives due to the omen curse they’re born with. There’s no explanation for why or how they’re cursed, but they receive power from it as they grow up, and that’s combined with it turning them into monster-looking ogre things sprouting horns and tails – in that concept, they’re sort of like the Tieflings.”

The Omen starts with some buffs to Strengths, but there are ways to boost other skills as you level up. Their horns and tail can be used as natural melee weapons, and they gain proficiency in either Intimidation or Persuasion.

There’s also a new third-level ability u/LowertTheMoob has named Accursed Blood. “Omens get power from their Accursed Blood,” they told Wargamer, “and there are a few instances where being wounded results in their power/blood to pour out more, so it seemed appropriate to allow the Omen race the feature to weaponise and use their cursed blood”.

Image from videogame Elden Ring of a warrior atop a horse riding towards a large monster walking on two legs with a large piece of fabric draped over its face and back

U/LowertTheMoob certainly isn’t the first Elden Ring fan to create D&D crossover content. Reddit alone has seen Elden Ring demigod stat blocks, Elden Ring Fighter and Monk subclasses, and Elden Ring spells.

“DnD creatures vary considerably in shape, personas, and abilities, and games from FromSoftware have a plethora of enemies who differ in many of the same ways,” says U/LowertTheMoob. “That’s why there’s a ton of other homebrews out there adapting Elden Ring stuff into DnD.”

The Omen isn’t even U/LowertTheMoob’s first Elden Ring homebrew. On July 1, they shared content for the Warrior Jar race. The obvious inspiration here is Alexander the Iron Fist, fan-favourite character and certified pot person. However, the homebrew also took inspiration from legendary community player LetMeSoloHer (who also happened to wear a pot on their head).

You can find U/LowertTheMoob’s Omen homebrew here.

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