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This DnD homebrew is half-goose, half-ooze, all Gooze

This DnD homebrew monster is an adorable goose-ooze hybrid that's surprisingly fierce in a fight, despite its cute and cuddly exterior.

DnD homebrew gooze artwork

Dungeons and Dragons has its fair share of adorable DnD monsters, from the friendly Flumph to the majestic Owlbear 5e. But this DnD homebrew might have just replaced them as the cutest RPG critter of all time. The Gooze is part goose, part ooze, and as you can see, it’s entirely bloody adorable.

Posted to Reddit by The Fluffy Folio on July 11, the Gooze is apparently a “magically condensed consciousness” combined with an ooze, which has “assumed the most destructive shape it was able to imagine”. Its creator says it was dreamed up after they misspelled goose a load of times.

DnD homebrew Gooze stats

Despite its appearance, this is actually a fearsome monster, aggressive, with a chaotic evil DnD alignment. The Gooze comes equipped with an impressive arsenal, able to drain you with its absorbent skin, spit acid bubbles, and dish out substantial damage with its ‘pseudobeak’. It can also schlorp around on the ceiling and squeeze through gaps.

We would immediately fall prey to it as we tried to pick it up or scratch its goopy head. Your DnD party should prepare for a serious fight, however, as it has a CR of 8, which according to the SRD, puts it on par with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s mostly just super sturdy though, with several damage resistances and the ability to regain health.

The Fluffy Folio has made a name for themselves creating cute and often punny critters, from the Baby Yaga (little witchy things) to the Twiddletoad.

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