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Wizards livestream may finally reveal One DnD release date

A Dungeons and Dragons livestream promises to reveal the tabletop RPG’s 2024 plans – and we’re hoping to see a proper One DnD release date.

DnD livestream One DnD release date - Wizards of the Coast art of a thoughtful gnome

We might finally get a One DnD release date, as Wizards of the Coast promises to discuss “what’s in store next year” in a PAX Unplugged panel. The ‘50 Years of D&D Adventures Panel’ takes place at the Philadelphia convention on December 1 at 3pm EST (12pm PT / 8pm GMT), and it’ll also be livestreamed to the DnD YouTube channel.

One DnD’ has long been the codename for the ‘next generation’ of Dungeons and Dragons. More specifically, it refers to the next edition-ish of the core DnD books – as well as a new first-party virtual tabletop and other digital resources. Wizards revealed it was working on One DnD back in 2021, and it promised a broad 2024 release date.

This date was never narrowed down, however. And Wizards of the Coast has remained tight-lipped about its release schedule for 2024. We knew what to expect from the DnD 2023 release schedule as early as August 2022 – but with a month to go before the new year, there’s been no news about D&D’s future.

DnD livestream one DnD release date - Wizards of the Coast art of a dragon breathing fire

It seems reasonable to assume, then, that Friday’s livestream will include some sort of announcement. Wizards’ description of the panel doesn’t give much away – though it does hint we might see some new DnD campaign material, too.

“Dungeons and Dragons is almost 50”, it writes in a blog post from November 21. “Celebrate with D&D game designers—Jeremy Crawford, Amanda Hamon, Chris Perkins, and James Wyatt—as they discuss their favorite adventures of all time and get a glimpse of what’s in store next year. Maybe you’ll even find a new favorite adventure to play or DM?”

You can learn more about D&D’s PAX schedule in Wizards’ blog post. For more news about One DnD, here’s the latest DnD classes playtesting material that proposes a welcome DnD Monk update, as well as Barbarian Brutal Strikes. This same playtest majorly buffs your favorite healing spells and makes a surprising monster of Conjure Minor Elementals.