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DnD Message 5e spell guide

Want your voice to be heard? Wish the world of D&D had mobile phones? You need DnD Message 5e - a handy little cantrip that provides instant communication

DnD message 5e - a dimir agent in the rain- from the MTG card notion rain Illustrated by Lius Lasahido

Psst! Want to hear about Message 5e? This DnD spell is a magical radio you can use to beam your whispering voice directly into another creature’s brain. It’s one of those utility cantrips that won’t win you a fight, but has countless applications away from the battlefield. There are plenty of creative ways to use this spell, from secretly communicating a strategy to cheating at cards. Many of the rules for Message 5e are a tad vague, leaving plenty of room for interpretation, but here we’ll cover everything the official rules have to say about this communicative cantrip.

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DnD message 5e - a person whispering with blank eyes- from the MTG card whispering snitch Illustrated by Jason Rainville

What is DnD Message 5e?

Message 5e is a cantrip spell you can use to send a message to a creature up to 120ft away. You don’t need to be able to see your target recipient – indeed Message 5e can travel around corners and through walls (it’s blocked by 3ft of wood, 1ft of stone, an inch of metal, or a thin sheet of lead). You just need to know what direction the creature is in, and then you can point towards them to send your message.

Your target will then hear your words – and the spell guarantees that no one else will.

It’s important to note that Message 5e Isn’t pure telepathy, as you need to actually whisper the words you wish to convey. It’s not a one-way method of communication though. The target will also be able to send a message in return, again by whispering.

DnD Message 5e spell details

Spell Message
Level Cantrip
Casting Time 1 Action
Range 120ft
Components V, S, M
 School Transmutation
Save None

Visual, Somatic, and Material components are required for Message 5e. You’ll need to be able to whisper, point your finger at the target, and – unless you have an arcane focus or component pouch – you’ll need a short piece of copper wire to fuel your magic.

Message 5e is a cantrip, so you can cast it as many times as you like. It’s found on the spell list of the Bard 5e, Sorcerer 5e, Artificer 5e, and the Wizard. If you want to use it and you’re not any of the above classes, you’ll need to use the Magic Initiate 5e feat.