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Wizkids releases giant DnD minis alongside new RPG book

Wizkids is releasing its next batch of DnD minis - this time featuring lots and lots of giant dudes from Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants.

DnD minis giant miniatures from Wizkids

Wizkids is releasing a load of DnD minis featuring giantkind for its Dungeons and Dragons Icon of the Realms series, including limited edition box sets, and blind boxes featuring a random assortment of bulky bois. Most of these models come out next week on August 16, 2023, just one day after the release of DnD book Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants. But there is already a box set available on the Wizkids website, which holds a variety of D&D monsters.

The Limited Edition box set that is already out costs $69.99 and features models of a Fire Hellion, Frostmourn, Stone Giant of Evil Earth, Goliath Chef, and Giant Lynx. The set features three minis classed as huge and two deemed medium. The size difference between the two categories is stark, however, with the Lynx and Goliath minis much shorter than the other three.

Also worth noting, is that from its pose, it appears to us that the Frostmourn was modeled on artwork that has recently been wrapped up in controversy, after it was determined the artist had used AI in their process.

dnd minis - a giant necromancer with a scythe

As well as this collection, from August 16, Wizkids will be selling a Death Giant Necromancer mini for $39.99 and booster boxes containing four randomly selected models. There are 42 Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants DnD minis in total (full gallery here). Highlights include a giant badger, a horrifying Barrowghast that would give a Great Unclean One a run for his money, and the Maw of Yeenoghu, ready to eat you up.

Interestingly, this set features no ‘large’ models, only small, medium, and huge. That means, whereas you’re normally guaranteed to open a large or huge mini in a Wizkids booster, you’ll be guaranteed a huge one in these boxes. From next week, they’ll be available, sold in booster bricks containing eight boosters, for $199.92. (Individual boosters have a RRP of $24.99).

After Bigby Presents, it’s another month before the next big Wizards of the Coast release, the adventure Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk. Find out what’s coming out and when with our DnD release schedule guide. And don’t miss our comprehensive guide to all the DnD classes and DnD races.