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The goose hydra is now an official DnD monster

Monstrous Compendium 4: Eldraine Creatures adds 25 new DnD monsters, a mixture of fairy tale creatures, fey spirits, knights, and a very big bird.

DnD Monster, the goose hydra - a colossal seven headed goose leaps from its nest high up in a mighty beanstalk. Card art for the MTG Card "The Goose Mother" by Jesper Ejsing

Wizards of the Coast has made the goose hydra an official DnD monster. Combining the single-minded aggression of a goose with the raw savagery of six more geese, the Goose Mother is one of 25 creatures added in Monstrous Compendium 4: Eldraine Creatures, available now from DnD Beyond for $5.99.

All 25 DnD monsters in the new document are drawn from the MtG sets Wilds of Eldraine and Throne of Eldraine. The plane of Eldraine is a land of distorted fairy tales, populated by fairies, fey spirits, gingerbread golems, knights, giants, beanstalk wurms, unicorns, dragons, wolves, and more besides – classic adversaries for DnD.

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Here’s all the DnD monsters added in Monstrous Compendium 4:

Creature CR Type
Archon of Boundaries 15  Celestial
Beanstalk Wurm 18 Monstrosity
Deathless Rider 5 Undead
Dunbarrow Witch 5 Humanoid
Faerie Borrower ½ Fey
Faerie Pathlighter 2 Fey
Faerie Pest 1 Fey
Gingerbrute ½ Construct
Goose Mother 7 Fey
High Fae Impostor 11 Fey
High Fae Kindguard 12 Fey
High Fae Mage 12 Fey
High Fae Noble  13 Fey
Knight of Eldraine 3 Humanoid
Nightmare Haunt 5 Aberration
Ogre Chitterlord 3 Giant
Redtooth Werefox 3 Monstrosity
Sewer King 2 Fiend
Snapping Hydra 11 Monstrosity
Specter of Night 12 Undead
Sweettooth Horror 4 Fiend
Tempest Hart 11 Elemental
Treefolk 11 Plant
Witchkite 15 Dragon
Witchstalker 6 Monstrosity

If your DM is using Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants in your DnD campaign, you’ll probably be familiar with the Giant Goose and its deafening Thunderous Honk.

With seven times as many heads and more than twice the challenge rating, the Goose Mother is the perfect way for a DM to reintroduce the players to goose-themed terror, just when they think they’re safe.

There are already 16 community created statblocks for Goose Hydras (and Hydra Geese) on DnD Beyond, not to mention various homebrews floating around social media. Deep down inside, all DnD players know to fear the goose.

As for the other monsters, the Compendium has a whole court of Faeries and Fae in it, which will make a good addition to A Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign.

And then there’s the Gingerbrute, a tiny construct made from Gingerbread that is both aggressive and incredibly fast, with a movement speed of 60’. The tragic love story between a pair of Gingerbrutes features in this trailer for the 2019 MTG set Throne of Eldraine:

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If you want tips on how to vanquish any multi-headed avians you might face in your next game, check out our guides to DnD Classes and DnD Races and species, which have advice on how to design the best characters for the job.