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Roll20 giveaway will pay for your DnD movie ticket

Virtual tabletop Roll20 is holding a competition where you choose an actor to play your D&D character in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

DnD movie Roll20 giveaway - Paramount Pictures still of Chris Pine in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Roll20 is handing out $25 gift cards so TTRPG fans can see the new Dungeons and Dragons movie in cinemas. The virtual tabletop RPG platform announced the giveaway, which is in partnership with cinema chain Regal Movies, via Twitter on March 22. To enter, you’ll need to reply to the tweet with a Roll20 DnD character sheet of your playable character – as well as which actor you’d want to play them in Honor Among Thieves.

The giveaway will end on March 30, with winners chosen on March 31. It’s not clear from Roll20’s tweet how many gift cards are available, and we’re also not sure what criteria it’ll use to choose who wins one. Maybe a winning DnD character build is optimised to fix any potential DnD movie mistakes. Or maybe you should create someone outlandish to fit the DnD movie eye rolls vibe from the trailers.

DnD movie Roll20 giveaway tweet

Regal Movies is a US cinema chain, so, while the tweets don’t make it absolutely clear, it seems reasonable to assume Roll20’s giveaway is aimed at American entrants. However, there’s nothing to lose from trying – so if you can find a Regal Cinema near you, it might still be worth a go.

If you’re still unsure about seeing the new DnD movie, our Honor Among Thieves review can tell you exactly what we thought of it. And, if you need some help putting together a character for the giveaway, here are our handy guides to DnD classes, DnD races, and DnD backgrounds.