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DnD Owlin 5e race guide

Wizards of the Coast’s DnD Owlin 5e race use their stunning plumage to perfect the art of stealth – learn how to build an Owlin TTRPG character here

Wizards of the Coast art of a DnD Owlin 5e

The DnD Owlin is a real hoot for any TTRPG player that loves nocturnal birds. An Owlin is a bipedal humanoid, but they have a body covered in feathers, an owl-like face, and enormous, graceful wings. Useful and majestic, these wings are designed for Owlins to swoop in total silence – making them perfect for stealthy character builds.

Thinking of creating an Owlin character? There’s no need to wing it: below you’ll find all you need to know about the Owlin 5e race. We explain their DnD stats, recommend the best DnD classes to pair them with, and even compare them to other avian DnD races.

Here’s your guide to the Owlin 5e race:

Wizards of the Coast art of a DnD Owlin 5e character with brown feathers and a brown jacket

Owlin lore

According to Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, the Owlin are distantly related to giant owls found in the Feywild. While they’ve inherited the giant owl’s appearance and knack for Stealth, none of the Feywild’s magic seems to have rubbed off on them.

All Owlin resemble the same species of bird, but their looks can still vary greatly. Consider how different a barn owl and a snowy owl look. Two Owlins can have very different feathers, and they’re often noticeably different sizes.

Compared to other D&D races, the lore about the Owlin race is disappointingly slim. The official DnD books don’t recommend any Owlin names, and there’s little detail on the kind of communities they hail from. That means there’s plenty of room for a creative DnD homebrew, but players who don’t enjoy filling in the gaps themselves have far less to work with.

DnD Owlin 5e casting a fire spell (art by Wizards of the Coast)

Owlin 5e stats

These are the key stats for the DnD Ownlin:

Ability score increase +2 and +1 any two different stats, or +1 any different three
Size Medium or small
Speed 30ft
Languages Common and one of your choice
Traits Darkvision, Flight, Silent Feathers

While most playable creatures in D&D have 60ft of Darkvision, an Owlin’s reaches 120ft. Silent Feathers also means Owlins are proficient in the Stealth DnD skill.

Owlins have a flying speed equal to their walking speed thanks to the Flight trait. However, they can’t fly if they’re wearing medium or heavy DnD armor.

Wizards of the Coast art of a DnD Owlin 5e casting spells as part of a group

Owlin vs Aarakocra

The Owlin isn’t the only bird-like species in D&D. There’s also the Kenku 5e and the Aarakocra 5e, two avian races that have been around a lot longer. The Kenku is a flightless creature with its own unique gimmicks, but the Arrakocra and the Owlin aren’t all that different when you really look at them.

Both use the stats for fantastical races (+2 and +1, or three +1s). Both can be medium sized and have a walking speed of 30ft. Both also have a flying speed equal to their walking speed (subject to armour). Given how many similarities there are, which one should you play?

Well, the Aarakocra has talons that let them deal 1d6 + Strength modifier in slashing damage. This makes a lot of sense flavour-wise, but unarmed strikes aren’t particularly exciting for anyone but a DnD Monk.

Aarakocras can also cast Gust of Wind once per long rest without a material component. This is nice to have, but the Owlin’s Stealth proficiency will be useful in more varied situations. The Owlin’s racial features feel more generally useful overall.

Wizards of the Coast art of a DnD Owlin 5e Strixhaven student

Best Owlin classes

Darkvision, stealth, and flight make Owlin’s perfect for scouting and sneaking. This makes them perfect for two classes in particular: the DnD Rogue and the DnD Ranger.

An Owlin Rogue naturally has proficiency in Stealth, so you’re freed up to take some other useful class proficiencies. Extended Darkvision is excellent for nighttime stealth, tracking, or keeping watch. Plus, flight is a great way to get out of trouble quickly. Arm your Owlin with a ranged weapon, and take to the skies.

The Owlin race is also a solid choice for spellcasters like the DnD Sorcerer and the DnD Warlock. Flight can help keep their squishy, armourless bodies out of melee range.