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DnD Restrained 5e explained

Our comprehensive Dungeons and Dragons guide makes understanding the DnD Restrained 5e condition less of a sticky situation – here’s all you need to know.

DnD Restrained 5e - Wizards of the Coast art of an adventurer defending herself from an octopus

The DnD Restrained condition can get Dungeons and Dragons players tied up in knots. There are a variety of ways you may become Restrained, and it might not be immediately obvious what that means – or how you can get out of it.

Characters of all DnD classes and DnD races can fall prey to the Restrained condition. Dungeon Masters can also fall prey to forgetting exactly how the condition works. We’re here to help you grasp the slippery subject – read on for a definition of Restrained 5e, as well as how to cause and counteract it.

DnD Restrained 5e - Wizards of the Coast art of a Drow restraining a monster with a force field

What is Restrained 5e

In roleplaying terms, a creature is restrained when something (a net or a spell, for example) holds it in place. In rules terms, the Player’s Handbook says a Restrained creature gains the following:

  • Its speed becomes 0, and no bonuses can increase its speed.
  • Attack rolls against it have advantage, and the creature’s attacks have disadvantage.
  • The creature also has advantage on Dexterity saving throws.

How to Restrain in DnD

There are a variety of ways your character can restrain an enemy in Dungeons and Dragons. These include:


Many 5e spells will restrain their target. Here are all the spells that can cause the Restrained 5e condition:

Spell name Level Class
Ensnaring Strike 1 Ranger
Entangle 1 Druid
Snare 1 Druid, Ranger, Wizard, Artificer
Maximillian’s Earthen Grasp 2 Sorcerer, Wizard
Web 2 Sorcerer, Wizard, Artificer
Evard’s Black Tentacles 4 Wizard
Watery Sphere 4 Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard
Telekinesis 5 Sorcerer, Wizard
Transmute to Rock 5 Druid, Wizard, Artificer
Wrath of Nature 5 Druid, Ranger
Bones of the Earth 6 Druid
Flesh to Stone 6 Warlock, Wizard
Mental Prison 6 Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Prismatic Spray 7 Sorcerer, Wizard
Whirlwind 7 Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard
Imprisonment 9 Warlock, Wizard
Prismatic Wall 9 Wizard
Ravenous Void 9 Wizard (Graviturgy Magic)

DnD Restrained 5e - Wizards of the Coast art of a mage casting lightning magic on a monster

Magic items

A simple net or length of rope can be used to restrain someone, but there’s also a range of DnD magic items that get the job done. These include:

  • Rope of Entanglement – Sentient rope with an armor class of 20 that’ll restrain a foe when you speak the command.
  • Wand of Viscid Globs – Spend a charge to restrain an enemy with a glob of viscous material (eww).
  • Iron Bands of Binding – Command or throw this rusty metal sphere, and a tangle of metal bands will restrain your opponent.
  • Blade of the Medusa – a DnD weapon that restrains creatures it hits as well as dealing damage.


There is one 5e feat that’ll allow you to Restrain with ease. As long as your Strength DnD stat is 13 or higher, you can take the Grappler feat, which allows you to pin a creature you’ve used grapple 5e on. On a second successful grapple check, you and the creature are both restrained.

DnD Restrained 5e - Wizards of the Coast art of a Barbarian intimidating a guard

How to escape being Restrained

If you’re Restrained by a spell, you may need to succeed on a saving throw to escape the condition. The spell may also require concentration of the caster, so you can end the Restrained condition by breaking that.

Remember, you can still attack while Restrained (even if you do have disadvantage). One lucky hit might be enough to break your captor’s concentration or put them out of action. Then – boom – Restraint over.

Spellcasters like DnD Wizards, DnD Warlocks, and DnD Sorcerers may also be able to use magic to escape their binds. If a DnD monster has its tentacles (or claws, or jaws) on you, a spell like Thunderwave can push them away.

Failing that, teleport. If you’re not a high enough level to cast the actual Teleport spell, a simple Misty Step can get you out of Restraining range.

As well as reacting to the Restrained condition, you can take some steps to prevent it. For example, casting Freedom of Movement or wearing the Ring of Free Action make it much harder to pin you down.

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